Stardoll, do you take us for fools?

The ridiculous Poll today.

I would like to see some intellectual polls sometime soon.

Now I know Stardoll’s main target is females from the ages of 7 years of age to 17 but all this Justin Bieber stuff of this website is getting a little too much for my taste – not all teenagers and tweens like his music. Sure it might please his fans, but isn’t it time to do something different for a change?

The polls these days are just really idiotic and silly. Maybe it’s Stardoll trying to have a laugh but it’s like having an embarrassing parent around.

Neptune isn’t a star and Justin Bieber isn’t a star – he’s a human being for goodness sake.

I just don’t like Stardoll dumbing down the polls all the time, it would be nice to have some unusual questions and see what the majority vote for. They shouldn’t be asking obvious questions for obvious answers nor should they be really testing our general knowledge every single day. Do they just sit and laugh at the Stardoll Headquarters to see if the majority voted wrong? It would be nice if they asked about our opinions on topics about fashion, world news or what the next Stardoll update/feature could be.

At least people are receiving their 3 Starcoins . .





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17 responses to “Stardoll, do you take us for fools?

  1. Sabrina

    Justin Bieber, really Stardoll. -.-‘
    You could of at least put an answer choice that sounded more realistic, like an egg, or a water bottel.
    Those things are much closer to being a star then Justin Beiber. At least they serve a purpose in society; to be thrown at him.

  2. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t they put a bit more hard or strange stuff? Justin Bieber, seriously. Some people might think he’s a star or something cos he’s famous. But he’s not a ball made out of gas to be honest!

  3. Jade

    Don’t you think the polls should be harder or something. Or stardolly’s make up ones and they choose one, I think thats an idea. And seriously, Justin Bieber. People might think of him as a star cos he’s famous, but he’s not a burning ball of gas!

  4. Jade

    Sorry, I accidently posted first without a name and stuff so anonymous is me

  5. skittleskiss

    I’ll say that Stardoll has a case of the Bieber Fever 😛

  6. Liz

    It’s sad because even though Neptune is incorrect, Justin Bieber still has more votes -.-

  7. Renee:)

    *shudder* Justin Beiber …
    Way to make Beiber Fever fans go wild.
    I know there trying to have a laugh,but Justin Bieber?Oy Vey :L


  9. Oh good god *facepalm*

    I mean seriously? Justin bieber? I’m more of a star than justin bieber!

    I hate him….. And I always will

  10. misseyelashes

    Only thing I could do when I saw that was laugh.

  11. cheril135

    really justin bieber lolfra! (laugh out louf for real) thats hilarious am i stupid or what?? dont tell me its jsutin beiber i already know it its totally jsut in bieber! 😛 call me stupid stardoll … call me stupid

  12. Random.

    God. Put some normal questions out there for crying out loud.

  13. I know i saw that and i thought it was the stupidest thing ever like starcoins

  14. @AnimePinkyPink

    There was an even more idiotic poll with something about the Big Bang Theory being mashed potatoes. Starcoins isn’t “stupid” – I hope people realise we’re earning more in the long run.

  15. I hated starcoins at first and I’m still not too fond of them but I’m kind of used to them now.

  16. shewasonceit

    Whenever I visit Stardoll,
    I am made to feel like a moron,
    as you mention, Stardoll’s target audience is girls of the ages 7 to 17, but no girl seriously believes Justin Bieber is the actual definition of a star! Do they?!
    It is ridiculous many people actually voted Justin Bieber second to the Poll Answer, beating Neptune, which is much more realistic then Justin Bieber, even though incorrect.
    Surely girls on Stardoll have a larger brain capacity then to believe that Justin Bieber is a star closest to the Earth!?
    It makes me LOL though when many girls are astounded when their answer is incorrect. 🙂 Hopefully Stardoll creates more interesting and quite harder questions in the near future!

  17. Anonymous

    hi on stardoll my name is leahbieber-RC so lyk i luv him i touched him at his concert ahh!!!!

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