Elie Saab Insp. Romper/Pink Paillette Top

Thanks to Soph001 for pointing this out.

Under the new section in Starplaza there is a Pink Palette top, selling for 13 Stardollars

Although this top was already released previously in the Windows of the World store.

So watch out anyone who is looking to buy the Romper/Top – you could save 3 Stardollars. Strange why Stardoll would do such a thing . . probably a mistake?





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9 responses to “Elie Saab Insp. Romper/Pink Paillette Top

  1. Anonymous

    What are you like! I said don’t worry about credit 🙂
    Thanks anyway 🙂
    Second Time I’ve been mentioned
    😀 xxx

  2. Soph001

    That was me lol

  3. @Soph001/Anon

    I’ll always credit even if I’ve already done so before ^-^ no problem x

  4. Soph001

    🙂 xx

  5. Popstarrbaby

    haha I remeber they had shoes that werw the same they had them in rio and bisou they were they same price too

  6. bethany

    The first one is slithly darker 😀

  7. misseyelashes

    Help. Sorry im posting this here there is no where else to post, but I cant get on stardoll. I keep trying the website and its not working,it wont let me go on. Is this happening to anyone else?

  8. misseyelashes

    Edit;Forgot about that,its working now =] I was getting worried.

  9. Soph001

    @bethany if you look at them in real life there actually not it’s just the screen ::)

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