Costa del ENVY. New Stardoll Message.

Still pretty mysterious. For all those who do not know – Costa del Envy does not exist in real life, it is just a figment of the Stardoll Staff’s minds. Probably playing around with Costa del Sol and adding noun/verb at the end. People have been suggesting that it has something to do with another Mortal Kiss but the Random House (Company who worked alongside Stardoll) usually deal with much darker fiction, from the books that I received from the competition (which weren’t great as they lacked depth, characterisation and above all – a decent original plot).

Anyways, again time will tell so we’ll just have to be patient.

When I think of Costa – a tropical island doesn’t come to mind . .

Went into Costas after my first exam today. Oh how I love my hot chocolate.



( Sorry if I haven’t been posting – I’ve had four exams in total these past two days)



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5 responses to “Costa del ENVY. New Stardoll Message.

  1. tori johnston

    well if u look at the image number 1 url :
    it says cant wait to reveal ? ___________
    and if you look at image number 2 url :

    it says could be yours ? —————–
    what could this mean ?

  2. shannay

    i dont get what you mean?

  3. I thought it was pretty simple.. A breakdown.
    1. Costa del Envy is not an exact location
    2. It could be another Mortal Kiss – uncertain.
    3. We have to wait and see.
    4. Costa is a coffee cafe/shop/brand/thing similar to Starbucks and Cafe Nero.

  4. Jade

    Isn’t those messages about the new suite?! Cos there was a video when I signed it 2starpennys

  5. @Jade

    Yes I’m just posting about it in a minute – my laptop was all laggy.