Island Bound? Stardoll Message.

New contest? Theme? Feature? Store? We’ll have to wait and see.

Looks like a Blackberry to me, that’s all I can say.





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35 responses to “Island Bound? Stardoll Message.

  1. Sheema Hashim

    Hey LEL… Ive been looking for an explanation of this and so i searched “Island bound”.. Its a band.. Might be related? I have no clue…
    Like you said we will need to wait and see 🙂 ❤

  2. Sheema Hashim

    Oh my user name is missmemetops .. Visit? x

  3. Hey I got that message too, still wondering what it could be… maybe a game or something, just have to wait. (:

  4. Suzi

    I just got the message too there the now it looks Intresting let’s hope so ….

    Visit scarlett-suzi

  5. Anonymous

    Is it just Royalty’s that receive this message?

  6. Sabrina

    Hmmm.. Sounds interesting. Maybe its another thing like Mortal Kiss.

  7. Sara

    I can’t really say much, but I love how they added the blackberry, it’s one of my favorite phones. haha XD

  8. ikr? So many options as to what it could be . . .

  9. Liz

    My phone is a bit of a rip off Blackberry. It’s a Nokia xD

  10. I saw your feb 2011 article of roiworld offers on google. A lot of web games now have those offers but people are wary of them as you have to download data, give out your name, email & real address or subscribe to a company. Which I don’t think is advisable even on stardoll. However on Roiworld there are other ways to earn tokens by playing their energy games through this I have earned 16,000 tokens & I’ve never paid real money. That would never happen on stardoll because they would make less profit.

  11. @anonymous my other account is ss and i got it

  12. and it is also non ss my friend got it.

  13. IceyCold123

    Maybe Styled Out Fit?? I got it and I’m SS:)xx

  14. Glittagal799

    I was thinking the same thing! Maybe a new Chat feature or even virtual “Phones” (that we probably have to buy for a very high price)? We’ll just have to see won’t we? x

  15. omg i no this message is so weird its just… just… a picture! and nothing else but i have to say its keeping everyone waiting 🙂

  16. lollypop7pop

    i thnk it could be virtual fones that u can buy in the pix shop

  17. AliceIzzy454

    I got the message but have no idea what it is though.

  18. Anonymous


    If it was a new phone, then why would it say Island Bound?
    I personally think that it could be a new superstar feature or competition? I don’t know, I’m very confuzzled LMAO :L

  19. Anonymous


  20. Kim

    Got it too and am very curious.
    Maybe it is a game. I hope there will be more clues or an explanation soon.
    It is not like SD to not give more information. I hope for something new, it all seems very mysterious.

  21. IceyCold123

    Maybe As it says ‘Island Bound’Maybe SS Will get special place to go were no NONSS Can go 🙂 But that would be totally unfair:)

  22. AliceIzzy454

    I think it could be a clothes shop.

  23. Glittagal799

    @AliceIzzy454 Yeah, me too. Maybe something like Mortal Kiss? x

  24. Kimmo

    Maybe they will close the site for vacation? Can they do that?!

  25. @Kimmo

    No they can’t, Stardoll staff all can’t take a big vacation at once. There’s probably over fifty staff in each office. Think of it like McDonalds – one branch isn’t going to shut down for a vacation.

  26. probably some new ss feature or a special offer at a really cheap price really unlikely though 0.O maybe a new campaign

  27. there is a new message entitled you have (1) new message the message says costa del envy did you guys get it??

  28. Anonymous

    @ shannayy

    Yeah!! I got that as well!

  29. Anonymous

    Hia, I got another message saying ‘Costa del Envy’ what do you think it means??

  30. I’m banning myself from my laptop (another two exams tomorrow) but it is made up – Costa del Envy doesn’t exist. It might be another Mortal Kiss or something or another. We just have to wait and see for the time being.

  31. mckimber

    I just got another island message from stardoll. go check it out :]

  32. shannay

    i tried translating costa del envy and it came up with coast envy in spanish, galicin, italian
    and in latin it rib del envy all other languages still translate o costa del envy i’m guessing its something to do with summer and the beach

  33. found out today it means theres a new suite coming on stardoll its going to be a beach house! cant wait im saving my money!

  34. Anonymous

    its already september and they havent done said anything (MAD)

  35. @Anon

    It was a spoiler for the Beach Villa (I think).

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