Yours View Updated

(Graphic made by Lizluz ^-^)

Click on the picture to link you to the page or just scroll to the top of the screen and click “Your Views” Page. There’s been so many amazing comments this past few weeks that it was difficult to sieve through theme all and pick. I may add more later but I’ve added quite a few by now.

People keep telling me my Time For a Break post was really long, it was long for a Blackberry post but my Four Years on Stardoll is quadruple that length – believe it or not. I added some pictures in with the post, I didn’t really mean for it to sound so depressing at all. As I said before, thanks for the support guys. It truly means a lot to me.

I’m not leaving, I’m just not going to be posting frequently that’s all before you ask 😉



Oh and forgot to note, I won’t be on Stardoll every day and when I am – please don’t try to talk to me on Chat because I’ll have limited time, best place to talk to me is on Guestbook or Messages or even on here – I should start up a discussion topic haha. I wish I had one of those chat things on here but you can’t add them on WordPress :/ Good luck with your revision and exams everyone!



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5 responses to “Yours View Updated

  1. laurenhorse

    good luck

  2. skittleskiss

    Hey Lel, your most likely going to see this, but P!ATD new video is up 😀

  3. Misseyelashes

    Good luck =]

  4. Hey, lel! If you go to the new nail polish store and click on he light pink nail polish, instead of it saying light pink, it will say lihgt pink. Stardoll have mis-spelt light, so i thought you could write it on your blog and leave credit to me?

    My username is:

  5. Hi, Sorry but I don’t normally post about minor label glitches.

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