New Archive Floor.

These don’t really seem like archive clothes, some of the items have been released recently and I actually own a few. The only item I will actually purchase will be the plastic bangle bracelet but other than that, a little disappointing. Some of the items are from the old Recycle theme, surprised they didn’t bring back the newspaper dresses.

I suppose this helps over-pricing in Starbazaar as I’ve seen people sell some of these items for ridiculous prices. People seem to assume that they can price anything at 500 Stardollars these days. Although it seems Stardoll are choosing the wrong items to bring back. I thought it was great for Stardoll to bring back the DKNY Gloves and Hotbuys Coat a few months back. It probably wasn’t great for collectors but it would have stopped over pricing as a whole if they didn’t remove the items. If everybody has a so-called “”rare” item then the street prices will decline meaning no more scams over virtual labels or hackings. That’s another debate that I’ve already spoken about.

I’ve even spotted the McQueen Blazer that was a part of the Why Did I buy this Competition hereby Mariahfan999

I hope people know that it is a Menswear blazer before they splash 16 stardollars on the item, although seems like anybody will pay anything for an item with “Inspired by” on the label.




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  1. Mariahfan999

    They even raised the price 1 stardollar. -.-

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