The Obsession With Royalty

It infuriates me. Why do people what a diamond next to their name?

Do you think it will bring you more respect? People will appreciate you more? No. It just means you’ve spent more money on Stardoll. You are treated the same as the next Superstar member. I hate how every time I bring up something about Royalty on the post I receive questions on Chat and messages – do I look like a manager?

It may look pretty but seriously, don’t go out all your way on trying to receive a diamond or start taking a hissy fit because you’re not a part of the club (it isn’t even that great, same old boring topics that you see in any other club on Stardoll).

I don’t see the need of why people ask me, Google it – even though Google isn’t really a verb as such – or even better. . Contact Stardoll!

Mette will not add your friend into Royalty because you asked her to, it is an automatic system. If you think you deserve your place in Royalty then contact Stardoll – not me I can’t do anything about it.

There are different theories of how you become a Royalty member, an exact amount of money, purchase at least 365 days of Superstar Membership or be an active member for a set amount of time (which doesn’t seem likely because I’ve seen Royalty accounts who just joined last month).

The FAQ in the Royalty club:

Contact Stardoll here:

You don’t get any gifts etc. last gift we received was the Holiday Dress which was just deformed in all senses.

People overrate the club, it’s nothing special in my eyes. It used to be so much fun, full of mature people and interesting topics but now it’s just fallen flat on its face.

People message me all the time with “Just got Royalty!!” and I’m like, wow you’ve spent some amount of money on Stardoll – do you want me to clap for you? Obviously it’s a happy day for that member, it’s a goal for some and an achievement for others but I don’t get the big deal. You are not an “Elite” if you are a Royalty member, it makes you no different from the rest of members so don’t go acting around that you’ve got a crown on your head – you’re just going to lose everyone close to you. All that for a diamond? Not worth it.

May be it is easy for me to state my opinions on the diamond since I’ve seen it all, I don’t know what it is like to not be included in the club for such a long period of time since I joined Royalty last year. Trust me on this one, it ain’t what it’s hyped up to be and I’m tired of all the questions and “It’s not fair”. Life isn’t fair. So what if you aren’t included an exclusive club? Doesn’t mean you can’t still log in. Doesn’t mean you cannot make friends. Doesn’t mean you can’t buy clothes in Starplaza. Doesn’t mean you cannot join other clubs. Doesn’t mean that you aren’t respected.

Don’t ask me why Stardoll has Royalty, they wanted to create a third set of members and I’m not a member of staff. Although they have reached a target of creating this idea of upper-class members on this virtual site. Not everyone can be Royalty, if everyone was a part then there would be no point in the entire club and it would have to be scrapped. Stardoll wouldn’t be very happy with that.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from reaching their Royalty goal but you’ve got to be prepared to spend some amount of money here and realise that you have to “work” for it. I’m not some sort of Stardoll Royalty FAQ thank you very much.

We all know it is about the money for Stardoll and some members have even released different theories of how Stardoll could be a better site but they aren’t logical enough. I received a comment a while back where someone suggested that Stardoll could survive on advertisements alone. Completely untrue – it isn’t just about money, profits have to come into the equation as well.

All virtual communities and gaming sites have membership terms, it’s some what of a site formality now. From Runescape to Club Penguin, they all have it so what makes Stardoll any different? Other dress-up sites charge for membership.

It is just tiring that people can sit there on their on their computers thinking everything can be hunky dory. This is a business, a brand. Sure the concept is of dress-up dolls etc. but the main root of the idea is to make money. Cash. Wonga. Gold. Quid. Dosh. Moolah.



(Don’t have enough time for a proper rant)



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18 responses to “The Obsession With Royalty

  1. I completely agree. Since joining Royalty last month, I haven’t received any perks at all. The only thing that changed was a platinum frame around my Medoll aswell as a blue diamond beside my avatar. I know myself, that when I was Superstar, I really wanted to become Stardoll Royalty. I thought the club was this whole other undiscovered area of Stardoll, but as you said, it’s just like any other darn club filled with the same old boring topics and immature imbeciles.

  2. AliceIzzy454

    Sorry I was just saying. Some people do act like stardoll royalty is the new superstar and without it you are like just a normal member and royalty mebers often boast about it which I find really annoying.

  3. AliceIzzy454

    I guess stardoll royalty probably isn’t really that good but it’s described as VIP so it makes normal superstars feel left out like stardoll royalty people are having all the fun and loads of extra fun and stuff. I wish stardoll never made “Stardoll Royalty” It’s just a way of making them more money I guess though.

  4. Emma

    I agree I became a dimond a few months ago and I was REALLY EXITED but then the next day I relised, My stardoll hasn’t change WHY WAS I SO EXITED? People ask me How do you become a dimond? I’m like IT DOSN’T MAKE A DIFFRENCE! Not being horrible but still!

  5. Jade

    I am royalty, I was excited. But, I have kind of realised I only have a cool diamond around my avatar!

  6. I will honestly say getting a diamond has not been my goal. I don’t give a crap what people say, and I get people asking me everyday how to become royalty. And honestly, it doesn’t look like you have to buy 365 days of membership, because when I got mine, I only had 141 days total.

  7. You can still shine without Stardoll Royalty, I could name many members who have still stood out among the Stardoll community even before royalty came about. This whole obsession is stupid, people on Stardoll are popular because of their talents, not their Stardoll status. People may think royalty boast but thats being to quick to judge. Some imbeciles confuse boasting with talking in real English and not ‘U R da wrst’ sort of language.

  8. Kat

    I think its basically just a way for stardoll to make more money, the more you buy a year upgrades, the more you become royalty

  9. I agree everyone wants to be a royal, but why?? I’m not a royal and i don’t actually care if I’m not, I personally like the star better then the diamond anyway its “star” doll not “diamond” doll. Royals are treated just the same, they dont get more “respect” or anything all they get is a stupid club which i heard is very unactive anyway. I can tell you theres no way im wasting my money buying a years superstar for a stupid diaomand on my name and some club. Some people take the diamond to far, and think that their better then everyone else because of the stupid diamond when there not.
    One day i will be royal, but i think buying a yr superstar is totally not worth it i mean what if your hacked one day and u lose the 1 yr, wat a waste. Royals are treated just the same as all other superstars, its the non superstars who dont get as much “respect” .

  10. Arry

    It’s a diamond. A diamond is all.

  11. nicole

    i think that the whole superstar and royal thing is lame and for sd it’s really about making more money

  12. Billi

    When I found out I was royalty I was excited for all of about 30 minutes which was when I realised the only thing differant was the diamond and club.

  13. i sort had some time away from stardoll last year and when i logged in December i had this diamond when i found out i was royalty i was happy yes but no i’m board nothing is better you get no gifts or anything, so pointless to many people are it now you could be a committed member i think you should have at lest 2000 starpoints and then everything else that you need then you have earned it not just spent a huge amount on a site

  14. Jane

    What i dont understand, is how you’re venting about royalty and how you have to pay money and stuff, but you’re a royalty yourself. You’re paying just as much as the rest of us.

  15. @Jane

    I never spoke about paying money? This entire post was on basis of the myths that surround the royalty status – which, in my eyes, is absolute tosh. People believe that royalty is an elite-only club when it is in fact just something based on purchases. I was never venting on paying for royalty, only stating why we do. I think you missed the point of the post.

  16. After hearing this i dont wanna be a royalty

  17. Actully it will be nice for a day just to see

  18. I know people just want it because it is of a higher statues. Lol, royaltysdont take this the wrong way but the platnum frame look almost like a non – ss frame! its hard to see. if it wasnt 4 the diamond i think no one would have noticed. lol

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