A small reminder

This has nothing to do with Stardoll but I keep getting asked the same questions every day and I’m getting tired of replying back the same responses:

Can you do an inspired tutorial on so-and-so for your next video?

No. I’ve stopped making tutorials and I dislike creating celebrity inspired videos. Not only do you have to duplicate the make-up into your own Medoll but you also have to find the right features as well which is a tiring thing to do.

Why have you stopped making tutorials?

Exams are in May/June and creating videos is a lengthy process so I will not have the time to create tutorials on a weekly basis. I wrote a paragraph in the description of my last tutorial but seems like nobody bothered to actually read it.

Will you give me a suite/password makeover/tinypic/presentation make-over?

No. I don’t give out makeovers any more – no time and too many requests. It may seem like I can create make-up looks within a couple of strokes but seriously, I spend up to an hour creating my Medoll’s make-up before I even record. Plus I am not comfortable logging into to someone’s account – it’s just awkward and uncomfortable to say the least.

Where do you get all the old Sephora make-up?

Sephora store was released back in 2008 and was removed a few months afterwards. There is no way of receiving the Sephora items at present, unless Stardoll release and Starbazaar for make-up and accessories.

What programmes do you use for making your videos?

Hypercam Screen recorder and six other video editing softwares. I switch between them all time to time. Ones I’d recommend are Windows Movie Maker and Imovie for PC or Mac users.

Where do you get the clips at the beginning of your videos?

Probably last year or may be even before that I downloaded a large pack of those clips and saved it onto my old memory stick. I forgot about them until a few months ago and they’ve just become a part of the format of my videos. I’ve been trying to find out where I’ve got them but so far no luck. I hate to say this but animated clips at the beginning of your tutorials won’t really do anything, it won’t save a horribly processed make-up look no matter what.

Will you collaborate with me?

 I am a very forgetful person so I’m not making any promises for collaborating with anyone. I don’t want to put someone’s hopes up and them crush them down again when I return. When I do return to Youtube I don’t want to do dive in head first into collab tutorials – I’ve already created two in a row and I would like to create some original looks of my own for a nice breather.

Can I request a make-up idea?

Yeah sure go ahead, I’m welcome to any ideas although I cannot guarantee I will actually turn them into a video. Obviously credit will be given when deserved i.e Shout out.

Why won’t you talk to me on Chat?

Sometimes I’m in a busy mode where I only have a limited amount of time on Stardoll so I want to get everything done – therefore no time to Chat. Other times I can be in a rubbish mood and I don’t want to lash out on some innocent person. Also there are days where my Chat is absolutely spammed with advertisements for Covergirl and Starbazaar sales and I just get ticked off. I try to reply every now and then but Chat seriously bugs the hell out of me on a busy day but I do reply for the majority of the time.

Can you advertise my Stardoll magazine etc. or a shout out?

I don’t do advertising a lot, I don’t want to be treated as some billboard. The In the Spotlight page is the only place where do such things but that’s where I choose someone myself. (Did I mention that page has been updated? :s). I give shout outs out (haha) when ever is necessary – not for the sake of it.

Can you follow my blog?

If you give me the link to any blogspot blog or magazine then I will follow.

Why won’t you SuiteChat or Party?

Lags the hell out of my laptop and for me, I find it dull as conversation goes no where.

Will you accept my friend request?


How many Starpoints is that hair on your presentation?

Look up Starpoint rewards on Google or point out which one and I’ll let you know.

Where did you get that diamond thing inside your Suite?

It was a gift sent to me by one of my friends at the time before Stardoll Royalty existed. Sadly it was removed from the gift shop and Stardoll lust have used it as inspiration for the Royalty club.

How do you get the diamond icon?

One year of Superstar Membership is what we are told.

Pheww -.- that was made in a rush. If you have any more questions then just ask me on Formspring, it’s a lot easier than answering questions on Stardoll. Sorry about this but it seriously isn’t great when you log in every day and are asked the same things repeatedly over time. I know it’s nobody’s fault but I’d like to get it out the way.




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One response to “A small reminder

  1. Liz

    Man, you get asked questions. I’m not intersting enough for poole to ask me anything – closest I’ve ever gotten to a question is “sharp pocket shoulder dress”.

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