Stardoll is more than a dress-up site.

I am sure I am not the only person here who is teased in real life about being a loyal member of Stardoll. Sure my friends make jibes about “the dolly website” but none of it is ever intended to hurt me. I always make silly excuses about why I still log in and the main excuse I use is the contests. They only found out I still was logging on Stardoll was when they stole my Blackberry and seen I’d been e-mailing one of the book publishing staff about the book contest.

I would be too far embarrassed and a little ashamed to walk up to everyone and declare

“I log into Stardoll everyday, because it’s fun. I actually enjoy this website. I even have a blog and Youtube channel dedicated to it all”.

They tease me enough already so I couldn’t imagine what they would say if they knew what I actually do on Stardoll.

They just assume that it is some pre-teen pink fairy website. What really bothers me is that aren’t they supposed to be your friends? It isn’t their duty but shouldn’t they be supportive of every activity or any action you take in life? I guess it is just some teenage Oh-I’m-scared-what-they’re-going-to-think-about-me-thing or I’m just a coward from hiding it.

To all those who openly let people know (that are my age or older) that they log into Stardoll frequently, well I admire you.

Millions of teenage males switch their Xboxes and PS3’s on every day to play a game of COD and hardly any one would judge them for that – well unless they were addicted. People openly talk about COD in school, such a contrast from Stardoll. Reason being is that COD is accepted, people think it’s cool and because their friends play the game and so do many others – well it’s fine to talk about it openly.

Where as Stardoll, it’s something of a taboo subject where I stay. Nobody wants to hear that you’re dressing up dolls or buying new virtual shoes for your Medoll. So uncool and partially childish.

Sad thing is that they’ll never know what goes on behind the dress-up dolls and pink background. I know for some people Stardoll means a lot more to them than just a way of socialising online or playing dress-up games. They treat club discussions as some sort of confession area, where you can talk about virtually anything knowing that people won’t judge or mock you – something you couldn’t tell anybody face to face in real life. I think that’s lovely and shows that Stardoll is really more than just a 2D girly website.

Stardoll has acted as some sort of stimulus in the growth of some members. Not literally. I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to edit videos or create my school presentations if it wasn’t for Stardoll and their virtual make-up. I’m sure people who create graphical designs could say the same thing, if it wasn’t for Stardoll graphics they may have not picked up a tablet pen. Or even bloggers, many wouldn’t be sitting there on their laptops writing up creative posts if it weren’t for Stardoll.

Graphic made by the wonderful Lizluz

For me what Stardoll has really done has let me grow up into something slightly more maturer human being than I previously was. This blog has really let me reflect on things such as member’s behaviour and also reflect on myself. It has been some sort of crash course in online norms. Signing up in 2006, I never thought it would lead me this far and teach me so many lessons. I’ve made a lot of mistakes on here but I’ve learnt from every one of them. I’m uncertain whether everyone has reached that point in their membership to Stardoll or if it’s only a long-term thing but it’s a nice thought to have and to think back upon.

The most significant part of Stardoll – well to me any ways – is the communication. We can talk to any other member from the other side of the globe almost instantly. It acts like an adhesive bond, bonding the whole virtual world of Stardoll together. We’ve got Chat, Mail boxes, Guestbooks, Parties, Clubs, Blogs and so much more where we communicate with everyone every time we log in. Previously in 2006 there was none of this, it was very basic and if you didn’t have any friends in real life on Stardoll – then it was very hard trying to form any sort of friendship online. I think Stardoll member numbers started shooting up when they introduced features such as Clubs and Commenting areas. It brought some life to Stardoll.

I know we criticise Stardoll every day but we should be thankful that their still running this website with all the stick they receive. I wasn’t planning to go all soppy on you’s. Sure they have terrible pricing and occasionally the terrifying graphic but sometimes it’s nice to focus on the positive for a change.

For those out with the Stardoll world and those who criticise its childish purpose – well they’ll never know what it is like to be a part of it all, something quite unique. Sure there are idiotic and immature members of our community but the majority of them are just growing up like the rest of us, soon they’ll realise that they need to change and purchase a dictionary. Sure the creators of Stardoll’s intentions aren’t to everyone’s needs and all they are looking for is some profit. Although as a community we can appreciate it all. We know how the Stardoll world acts and how it behaves and we become really acquainted of it all.

Back to the original meaning on this entire post.

Sure our family and friends might make a few light-hearted jokes up “the dolly website” but at least we’re not out on the streets spray painting on the side of a Tesco building in the early hours of the morning. We could do a lot worse.

Question Time: What has Stardoll done for you?

*except burning a hole through your purse*



Man I’ve been meaning to make a rant in a while but I was in a good mood :).



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32 responses to “Stardoll is more than a dress-up site.

  1. Natasha

    Wow, that made me almost cry! You have a really good like style to writing I! I have wrote something similar to that for my report at school on social networking sights. We had to read it out and all my friends stopped teasing me about it. Many of them go on it now. Stardoll has done a great deal for me. It has inspired me to right blogs, draw make clubs and mainly it has in a way been there for me. Obviously The sight hasn’t but sometimes when I’m going through bad times it just, well cheers me up. I don’t know how it does it!

  2. Natasha

    I was just wondering how did you make the sight?

  3. Sara

    I guess Stardoll has inproved my fashion sense and helped me with my way of words, along with helping me with Social interactment as I am an only child and I’m homeschooled[thanks to some immature idiots who bullied me just because I didn’t wear the latest trends.] If you can just skip the trolls on Stardoll you can see that the sight contains some very lovely people, like for example you,Lel. Sure there is some bugs but all I can say about that is is every website isn’t perfect. I mean technoledgy will improve during the course of the next 100 years. But you get my drift.

  4. Stardoll is much more than just a dress-up site. I wouldn’t have met some amazing people if it wasn’t for this. I can’t remember what made me join but in early 2010 I took a break. All of my friends still talked about it so I felt like I missed it in a way. I left because I didn’t understand the purpose of the site. Like all I did was talk to my real life friends and buy, buy, buy. Now I talk to people all over the globe and interact more. I can wear brands that would be way out of my price zone in real-life. So thanks Stardoll.

  5. ericka

    I love the panda. ❤ I just installed a wallery background of pandas to my laptop, so cute. (:

    Back to the topic, I'm a year younger than you, my birthday was like 6 days ago… Actually, my friends admire me for having an advanced account, for having a club, for having a hairstyle I won with Starpoints (they ask me if I'm Superstar just by owning it)… I think I was the one that showed everyone Stardoll… One day when we were on computer class and the teacher let us do whatever we wanted, I started playing Stardoll… Soon, a friend came near me to ask me if I wanted to do partners with her and everybody passed by the computer and said: "OMG! That's cool! Make me an account!" However, some times I have to agree that I ashame my self and think: "I hope no one sees me doing something on this site". Also, my friends usually play the dress-ups and play games. They are not used to comment on clubs or do something else… I do not know what is COD and I do not want to know because I supose it is something that has to be with Play Station and those things, which I do not use, but I have seen those letters many times.

    About the question… If it wasn't for Stardoll I might not know how to use Html codes or using Word/OpenOffice. Neither Paint or how to make graphics. It teached me to respect others, accept everyone's perspective, and that you can never imagine what other person is living through. Also, it kind of takes a weight out of you by letting you post anything in your mind without people knowing who you are so they can not judge you when you are walking down the street or something… It lets you be creative and be original.

  6. Alice

    Stardoll has done a lot for me .. i’ve met people on there that i would’ve never talked to in real life. These people have inspired my music taste, my fashion taste etc, and i might’ve never found my true self if it wasn’t thanks to them. Also loads of people who are my age (13) actually have stardoll therselves and because of that we get along better! My friends don’t care that I have stardoll and 2 of them actually asked me to help them when they got them so i’m not ashamed that i have stardoll, i am proud :).

  7. Lulu78650

    I actually have a couple of things Stardoll has taught me. One if fashion, because I feel like I can have a completely different style. In real life, I usually just throw on an aeropostale shirt and some jeans, while on Stardoll, I can dress my doll in clothes I would never wear in real life.
    Another thing Stardoll has taught me was,yes, better grammar. When I first joined, I always used little shortcuts like “wat” and “lyk” and other things like that, and now I use proper English and grammar.

  8. Sabrina

    Do you mind if I use this when I need my superstar renewed next month? xD
    But really… My dad is just like your friends, he thinks its compleatly childish and that a 14 yearold girl shouldn’t go on it. All the friends I have made on Stardoll are some of the best I could ever ask for. I don’t really care if my mom thinks their all pedofiles. I wouldn’t doubt some were. xD

    But I love it in this virtual world. Its much better then the real one.

  9. Sara

    @Ericka: COD is Call of Duty.

  10. skittleskiss

    Wow, story of my life. I can’t tell my friends I play on Stardoll, because they would make great fun of me. The only friend who knows is my BEST friend Bryce, and she showed me the site and she plays as well. What Stardoll does for me is makes me feel good about myself. When I get GB comments that say “so pretty” or 5/5 It just makes me happy and I don’t really care if i’m 14!

  11. Dont worry ur not alone, I love stardoll because its just somewhere where i can be someone else, where no one can judge me by looking at my face, i can also express my unique style, some people like it and some people dont, but who cares? i cant get those clothes in real life, so why not just try to find good stuff online? its a great website! and almost being 16 im proud to be a stardoll member, even if im not a SS 🙂

  12. Liz

    Well, it’s burnt a hole through my phone but that’s beside the point xD

    I’m made to feel ashamed of myself for using Stardoll. This weekend, my cousin came up for Easter and told me how sad I was when he saw me on the site – one of the rare times I wasn’t switching the tab to somthing different. Then my brother gets in on it too, and it doesn’t help how my mum openly tells everybody that I play sometimes. Just brings it up in random discussion.
    “Oh, Lizzie could make that on Stardoll! Lizzie could make you an outfit on there!” *punches in face* Jokes lol.
    I thought you family and friends are supposed to support you in what you want to do, but when I dare tell them about online things and people I meet, they always have to think that EVERYBODY is an old man pedophile bloke. Really pisses me off, I mean they can’t accept for JUST ONCE that Lel might be a 14 year old girl, like me. Pfft, never.

    I always hate it when others bag Stardoll because they never know what you can really do on there. There are people on this site that have changed my perspective on so many things, people who compliment my graphics an art, people who like my suite, people who like my blog etc. I wish, for once, that I could just show everyone and let them realise that it’s not just dollies and clothes. I’ve met so many amazing people on here and learnt so many things, and others think they can just bag the crap out of the site? No, no you can’t. STFU.

  13. Liz

    And also, what’s mor immature: Smoking weed and getting pissed, or going on Stardoll? Hm yeah, let’s ponder that.

    Thanks for putting my graphic there by the way ^_^

  14. Myself and two other friends all had Stardoll in year seven, and as far as they know I stopped logging on in year eight as they did. So, according to them I haven’t been on for two years.

    I love Stardoll, becuase I make friends I never would have met otherwise. There’s Shama in a different part of Australia, Celsie in America, Sophie in England, Amenah in Scotland, etc. I love talking to them and I love to play around with my dolly, making her look like celebrities, me, or I give her a black eye or a clown if I’m bored.
    If my friends knew, they would give me the biggest shit ever. I honestly think that when I’m 17-18 I’ll still be on here, talking to friends in different countries, trying on outfits.
    In my opinion, Stardoll is a great place to broaden you horizons!

  15. Sabrina

    I agree with everyone. I really need to use this for arguments sake. Although I honestly think the only reason I go on Stardoll is because I don’t have any real friends. My dad always blames me for it. Stardoll is my scapegoat, its a place I can escape away to, where done of my other problems in life matter. Why would I want to bring that with me back into the real world. While the rest of the girls spend their Staurday night sleeping with older guys and getting wasted, I’m spending my time dressing up a virtual doll in pixels. I’m pretty sure the 2nd option sounds better on a resume.
    Stardoll has also taught me to be a better person, well that, and Starkid. Yesterday on my blog, had a ‘Nice Noob Day’ where I spent my day scoping out the unknown truly amazing nice people in OriginalClub. Yeah it felt great, but what felt better was knowing I made someones day, and they have no clue it was me. And then they take the time to go to the account I made to send the link to thank me. I would have never done this in the first place without Stardoll. I proabably would be a bitch, with how sucky my life is.
    At school I won the citezenship award. No I’m not popular, but yes I make sure I do the little things in life to know I made someones life easier. It feels great knowing that the teachers and all noticed but what really hurt was when all the people at my school congratulated the male respiant of the same award but didn’t care to congratulate me. Its not that I cared about that, its that I cared about all the looks they shot me. Its not fun to feel that. But thanks to Stardoll I learned to move on, in this strange virtual world I’m appreciated.
    Starkid, which I mentioned a little while ago taught me to be myself. It taught me that I can be that weird girl who loves Harry Potter. It honesly saved me from cutting, anerexia, bulimia, suiside. I learned there that I am the coolest girl in the whole wide world through somthing that I love.
    I would suggst checking out their youtube channel. StarKidPotter . You won’t regret anything. I kinda feel like I’m advertising it or something. But its something I love and want to share with everyone.

  16. Stardoll, like in LizLuz’s case, has burnt a hole in my phone AND even made me pay my ENTIRE phone bill when it goes over.

    I never tell my mum if I buy SS because she is totally against it. I simply say “I made an online purchase and I owe you $(this much).”

    I remember when I first made my Stardoll account. My mum was furious xD She always tells my sister and myself off when she see’s us on it. “Get off that baby website, Doll star” We always reply: “It’s Stardoll mum.” So she says: “Well, whatever it is, get off. What about your homework. Who cares about dressing up dolls.”

    I wouldn’t dare tell my friends because they all bag it at school. I feel a bit embarrassed in that way because I enjoy it. But it’s me.

    I have decided that when I decide I’ve had enough of Stardoll, I will write down my password and if in the future I have kids, I will pass the account onto them :]

    Stardoll has made me realise not to judge something on it’s appearance or by what you’ve “heard” about it.

  17. BeckyPecky

    I agree with everyone also, one of my old friends from Primary likes to walk past me and another friend and ask us if we still play on ‘that website’ we say yes, and she laughs, but its easier to remind her she used to play on it too.

    I don’t go and tell everyone about it, but a lot of my close friends use it to keep it touch as well as having a bit of fun. And, also, if my friend talks about it in class, everyone else is just confused.

  18. Arry

    Well, really… Stardoll has made me alot more confident, so I can stand up for myself in the oh-so-many different clubs, I can in real life too. It’s also the reason I created a blog to write down all the things slowly drifting in and out of my mind.
    And I’d never thought of it that way.

  19. supagurl!/shewasonceit

    I don’t go on Stardoll all that much really, compared to other girls.
    My friends refer to the Stardoll website as ‘gay’ and for 9 year old girls.
    If i ever told my friends I used the site, they’d probably be shocked and would call me by my Stardoll username. To be honest, I don’t care any more.
    What websites I play in the virtual world don’t effect who I am in real life and doesn’t affect anyone else. If my friends really cared about me, they’d respect that I played the site. As for my parents, I would be ashamed if they told one of my older cousins or older friends that I used. the site.
    Most importantly, Stardoll has taught me to stand up for myself as I used to be quite shy in real life.

  20. i dont care what the people may say

    Listen to ‘Pack up by Eliza Dolittle’ and you know how I feel about Stardoll and my friends.

  21. In my class…. only me and my best friend always go on it, but we talk about it all the time and no one laughs, because they have accounts themselves, but they never go on them. My mum and dad actually LET me go on stardoll, but I don’t have credit in my phone, so they’re not very happy about having to pay £2 every week lol. Stardoll is a verry good website that teaches you about fashion and lets go meet new people from around the world, I’ve learnt alot from that website.

  22. MizzAlannah

    I tell the friends I really trust about going on stardoll, I now know some acctual brands from the fashion lable if anyone ad every said yeh do you know ……………. I wount have a clue and now im telling all my friends about all this fashion!!!

  23. feathergirl101

    Stardoll is awesome!!! I mean it fun, I love dressup games. No one really knows but my friends and family but, its actually pretty cool. Its fun & awesome!!!!!!!! I have lots of fun on stardoll, however I have been embarressed by my friends becuz i play webkinz. They think its babyish but I like it!!

  24. congrats lotsa comments 🙂
    Me and my friends at school keep it a secret we have fun, hehe calling stardoll ‘the website’ and stardollars ‘moneys’
    i dont care what people think of it 🙂
    i love it 🙂

  25. naitsirhc101

    Stardoll has really opened my eyes to the world of fashion and communication. I would never have started my blog if it wasn’t for Stardoll. Blogging is a great way for me to improve and accept other people’s view and it even improved my English ^-^ (I’d never gotten an A in English until December when I started blogging :L) I’ve met so many wonderful people here and it’s thanks to Stardoll.

  26. Oh my god! I totally feel your pain! I tell people that I am a make-up artist and EVERYONE freaks out and begs me for a makeover. But when I told them I do make up on stardoll too, they tease me about it 😦
    Luckily I actually have a friend that supports me and actually has a stardoll account too :3
    If I have never been on stardoll, I would have never found out I love to do make-up so much :3
    Thank you lelly 😀 ♥

  27. Niki__x

    My sister joined stardoll when she was 14 after re-finding it after she had been a fan of paperdoll heaven at the age of 12… a 7 year old me peered over her shoulder and watched her dress up these exciting dolls. My sister is 18 now and still plays, she dresses her doll, pays for membership and enjoys it!
    I bet my friends would make fun but it has made me create my own style that I can’t really express in real life, has made me a better speller and made me think a bit more about the club discussions and what would be a good answer. I go through stages of being obsessed with only checking ever few days but I can’t imagine leaving any time soon.

  28. This lad in my year used to tease me after i accidently posted a stardoll video on my facebook he was like ‘PMSL you how old now and you play a game for 5year olds’ i was like i dont really care tbqh becuase i enjoy it and it keeps me occupied he hasnt said anything else about it nobody teases me anymore & all my friends know i have one ;D thanks lelly(:

  29. popstarrbaby

    I agree on this one I cant ever tell my friends they will think its weird that I go on this site since im 15 but I did tell my bff about the crazy parties on there

  30. Pikandchew

    I have never told my friends, cos i’m too nervous that they’ll tease me! I only know one other person in real life that goes on stardoll and thats my sister!

  31. Me

    I agree with you completely. I love stardoll because it made me who i am, It let me tell the world about who i am and not be ashamed for it.
    I always wanted to design clothes and i dd that through stardoll and now i make clothes and all of my friends beg me to make them a dress or top or whatever, without stardoll i never would of had the courage to start doing what i love.
    Go stardoll!

  32. hi xx
    i was wondering if there is a way of contating the stardoll staff without using the website as it is not worting for me??!!?? also my firends don’t know i still use the website i share it with my little sister so i just say she uses my email adress

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