Pet-a-porter Kittens have grown.

Some of the kittens have changed dramatically while others still look very familiar. In my opinion, I think the white Persian cat has really grown the most out of all ten cats – yet it still maintains its adorableness.

My cat look unrecognisable since I first bought the little creature.

There is definitely something scarecrow-like going on here. Poor cat looks terrified. Well I hope his next development stage is less creepy looking.

I think everyone who has purchased a kitten from Pet-a-porter will have received this bag:





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3 responses to “Pet-a-porter Kittens have grown.

  1. … My cat looks scared…. awwkwaardd…. lawl.. but they’re really cute! I hope the dogs grow soon :} I would be happy with that :DD

  2. AliceIzzy454

    I wonder what will happen when the exotic animals grow, I mean I bought an elephant! It’s gonna fill up the whole room! That will be funny though: A full sized elephant in your suite! Can’t wait!

  3. @AliceIzzy454

    haha! good luck with that!

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