New Youtube Video!

After I compressed the file the audio has changed, there’s a fuzzy sound to it. Rawr.

I slightly changed two of the looks from their original snapshots. The Purple/Green didn’t look great with the hint of purple at the side – just seemed a little 2D. The purple eye-shadow snapshot make-up I slightly altered to make it a lot more simpler.

The poll is still open and has now jumped up to 78:51 haha.

UPDATE: I finally managed to close the poll!

I will be using the Epiphany idea when I come back from my exams.

Blending can be tricky, I think I might post up a picture format tutorial on here later on in the day. I’m also planning on creating a short tutorial on how to make a basic Stardoll Make-up Tutorial Video just using Windows Movie Maker.

Also forgot to mention, I have just updated the In the Spotlight page.





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8 responses to “New Youtube Video!

  1. .Anti.Dot.

    I love the blending looks! I did a one side look on your medoll, here is the tinypic :

    Hope you like it!

  2. Thank you :3
    Sorry but when I click the link it only links me to the recent pictures on photobucket – not your picture :s

  3. hey lelly? could you do one for me? its just i don’t have any lux and i never can make my doll look good. could you do one for me? like a TP or something? BTW if i need to change the lips or anything like that just tell me.


  4. .Anti.Dot.

    No problem! I will try to send it to you in your guestbook. If that doesn’t work, I will try something else 🙂

  5. Sabrina

    I love them!
    I really want to try the purple one. I did one similar to the peacock a few months ago when you first relased the snapshot. It turned out really great. But I had my variations of course. I used yellow instead of green, and I added red blush right under the eyes. I don’t know what it did for it but it looked really cool. :]

  6. It’s amazing! I love the last one! You should be a make-up artist Lel! You have so many good ideas!

  7. @AliceIzzy454

    Thank you very much 🐱

  8. @Sabrina

    Aw Thanks ;D
    I’d love to see it, but you’ve probably changed your Medoll’s make-up now :L. Sounds really cool and unique.

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