Pet-a-Porter Exotic Animals Released!

It’s always the same prices. 100 Stardollars per animal.

Instead of being the same animal with different breeds, now we have different animals under the same theme – Exotic.

All the animals are wondrously adorable, some more than others.

I bought two, the Liger and the Owl.

Meet Odette the Owl. I even found her a Mother.

Luigi the Liger.

Dont judge me. I love alliteration.

Probably the best Interior has been released. Still at the shocking price of 50 Stardollars.

I wonder if this is Pet-a-porter over. On the Store Badge there are only three animals; Cat, Dog and Monkey. It’ll be sad to see it go but I don’t think Stardoll can keep producing these graphics (as they have to develop these animals further) and for us members to keep buying these virtual pets for 100 Stardollars each time.

I’m still hanging onto the hopes of a Giant Panda in the future . . . they should have a colour theme next! 😉

Has anyone else bought a pet?



LE Clothing is the spoilers – I’ll post them in a couple of minutes.



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15 responses to “Pet-a-Porter Exotic Animals Released!

  1. Liz

    Alliteration hehe.
    Earnest the Elephant is his name xD

  2. hebatullah2008

    yea i brought one, a wolf :3 i wanted the liger or the alpaca, but i can never turn down a wolf when i see one. I called it sebastian, ehem or sebby for short.
    cant wait for the LE, good previous post btw

  3. Evie

    Bought a wolf. Going to call it Wolfie.
    I am very creative, as you can see…

  4. superstar0102

    I have bought a squirrell monkey, and a Liger.
    the monkey isn’t named and the Liger is called Lenny ;]

  5. I got an elephant :L I wish there were pandas 😀 😀 Hehe

  6. I bought the elephant! I can’t believe I did though – I am very protective over my stardollars and don’t like to spend too much money one one thing but I just saw the elephant and bought it in 2 seconds! I simply ADORE elephants and I knew I would regret later if I didn’t buy it. I just hope now that I will have enough to buy the LE the I want 🙂 I named it Naomi!

  7. popcornDaisy

    I bought a monkey, and I called it Magnus Bane.

    Personally I hope stardoll dosent continue with this store, Its overpriced and the animals take a very lon time to grow. BORING!

  8. Sabrina

    I want a wolf, but I don’t have the money to buy it. 😦
    I would have named it Harvey.

  9. Holliee

    I have an elephant and they are so cute i wanted a dog but now there all sold out oh well, How long do they take to grow ? :L Add me on stardoll my name is HollieeCheese xxx

  10. Adri

    I got a fennek fox named Yodi
    Like Yoda cuz the big ears but its a girl ;D

  11. Jennnaaaahhhh

    i bought an owl and called it puff. Its got a mum and dad lol check it out on my account in the black room. Britneyspearz23 🙂

  12. Grr… I want the llama!! ( or alpaca lol ) But I don’t have $100!!!! :{

  13. lilsweetie123

    hi lel I bought the alpaca an I called him Alfie, but I don’t want him to grow!

  14. AliceIzzy454

    Lel, I think the kittens are about to grow up because I just got this message:

    They Grow up So Fast …

    Hello there my happy proud Pet a Porter owner … here’s a happy reminder to take pictures of your lovely little one — any day now you will notice a growth spurt!

    As befits the owner of a treasured and rare Pet a Porter kitten — we are gifting you a super exclusive cat carrier — only the lucky few who own these kittens who are growing into such handsome cats will own this luxury pet lovers luggage.

    Twinkle, twinkle

    Callie Stardoll

    Did other people get this?

  15. AliceIzzy454

    OMG my cats grew up!

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