Stardoll: There is no quick fix.

As Stardoll members and as a community as a whole, we’ve created so many chainmails, scams and hacks that the list seems endless. We’re always clinging onto the hope of an easy and faster way to earn Stardollars, Membership, Administration Editing, Starpoints and even a reputation.

Let us have a look at an example here. I picked this one out as it was only uploaded four days ago.

We’re all so obsessed with the idea of things such as the non-existent Employee Code, which in itself explains what the majority of members desire; a way to control the amounts of your stardollars, editing your starpoints, editing the Stardoll website and finding other users’ passwords. Says a lot doesn’t it? We all want to be able to control our accounts, to shape and mould it into whatever form we’d like it to be. In reality this wouldn’t work because you would gradually become tired with what your life has become and it is exactly the same with Stardoll.

If you could control your account what would you do? Go around stealing peoples’ accounts, stealing rares, buying rares by the pound, receiving Starpoint rewards in under two seconds flat, writing in the Stardoll Blog about ridiculous topics – basically abuse the cheat for your own personal again. I hate to remind everyone but it doesn’t exist any ways so there is no point getting your hopes up. This is just a scenario.

You’ll become easily bored, you would have nothing to do if you had all the rares on Stardoll, all the Stardollars you wanted and all the Starpoint rewards achieved. Nobody would want to be your friend after you’ve stolen all those accounts. Stardoll would have probably deleted your own personal account. You wouldn’t be welcomed back to the site. So would it be all worth it?

The answer is no. The point of Starpoints is to learn patience. To learn that not everything comes with your parent’s credit card. To learn how real life works out. When you are appointed to a new position in any career, you do not get there by just presenting yourself in one mere interview. You are evaluated. Starpoints act like a promotion. You put in so much work and you will receive a bonus then quickly move onto your next target.

Stardollars are there to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. Play & Earn acts like Job Seekers Allowance (United Kingdom members know what I’m talking about), where adults are paid if they are currently unemployed and have no income who seeking employment. Obviously the other ways we earn Stardollars (i.e. purchasing them through several methods) isn’t very realistic at all. It’s also just a way of the Stardoll company to earn money.

Superstar Membership isn’t there to learn anything. Again, it is something for the company itself to gain from.

You cannot go cheat your way through life. It’s merely impossible and if there was such a way, then you will probably end up in prison for the rest of your life. It is exactly the same way with Stardoll. You cannot cheat your way through the system because then you have taken the website back to its basics. Where is the communication? People will just look at you in disgust and send hateful messages. Would that be worth all the stardollars and starpoints? You would lose all your remaining friends since you probably tried to hack them all. Would that be worth all the Rares?

You would be left with nothing is what I’m trying to say. You’d be left with nothing but your heavy Stardollar purse, your monstrous Starpoint Tree and your infinitive Membership. Plus real Stardoll employees would be on your tail – deactivate your account at the least.

Then if you try to explain to someone what I have written about above and if they were so desperate for the “code” they’d probably say something along the lines of,

“I’d use it for the greater good”.

You might but if you pass this on then it is likely others will abuse it and will probably blow your cover.

So if you crave for the existence of the Employee Code so much, think about what the consequences and long-term effects may be.

Some people see that the Employee Code wouldn’t be worth it or they do not know of its “existence”, so they stick to Chainmails. There’s nothing like spamming.

(Since it doesn’t actually exist. It is just a fixation of our dollys minds and a cheap hack)

You can be reported for Chainmails, I’m not sure what the punishments are but I suppose if you continue doing so for a long period of time you’ll probably end up with your account deleted.

People assume that just by posting one comment in several clubs you will be rewarded with 9000 Stardollars? It is amusing to see that it is the majority of younger/newer members of who participate in Chainmailing. If receiving thousands of Stardollars only takes a couple of posts then why isn’t everyone doing so? Does common sense not exist anymore?

Also the If-you-do-not-post-this-you-or-your-close-relative-may-die. I remember this from Twitter – I have never seen a tombstone engraved with the words:

Died from not sending a chainmail

Even though Stardoll send out a warning every time you contact them not to hand our your password people still do it! Then they try to blame Stardoll. You were the one that put your account in danger, not the website. I know a few people who have fallen for these hacks and scams and even some who have fallen for it twice.

People have to stop being so naive. There are no cheats on Stardoll. Face the facts. If cheats existed on Stardoll then there would be no purpose. I’m not talking about money for Stardoll the company itself, I’m talking about members. We’d all alienate each other!

Members are not all going to believe this. People still cling on to the thought of these ridiculous hacks and scams, begging for a way to achieve a solution to their thirst of Stardollars and Membership. It’s very sad yet true. I suppose these scams will never go away – not with the target market of Stardoll members being so young and a lack of awareness.

If you are a member of Stardoll just to achieve Virtual Money, Membership and Fame then you’ve come to the wrong place. It is likely that you will end up scammed out of your own money, hacked out of your own account and left with no friends (If previously you had any online Stardoll).

There is no way to achieve thousands of Stardollars in a quick second or achieve thousands of Starpoints within a blink of an eye. You yourself have to be able to put the time, money and effort into your own account. Not some “code” or chainmail.

The hacks and scams are just a representation of us members. Fame hungry, money grabbing, rare craving,  account stealing people. And I haven’t even gotten to Stardoll the company yet.



I hope people don’t take these scenarios literally. Now that would be awkward.



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20 responses to “Stardoll: There is no quick fix.

  1. Lucy

    I know what you mean, the other day I was my old club and someone had created a topic saying “THIS REALLY WORKS!” So I clicked it (Just seeing what sort of thing it had, It needed deleting) and it said – “Just put your username and password and wait an hour then you will have all the starpoint rewards and 10000 Stardollars”. Below, about 6 people had actually been stupid enough to post them, and given the person an hour to hack their account.

    Another story – my friend came on chat on this other girls account and said “Hi, its me!” I asked her why she was on another girls account, it was superstar. She said the girls gave her the password to her account so my friend could make her royalty. I mean if your superstar why give away your password and expect someone else to pay for your stardoll, some people are stupid :/

  2. Sara

    In the US ‘Job Seekers Allowence’ is just called Unemployment.
    Anyway you are 100% right, these little hacks are nothing but a waste of your time. Everytime I see those’If you don’t post this in 5 clubs in the next 15 minutes you’ll die’ I laugh. It’s not like they’re gonna come out of the computer screen and strangle you.

  3. Liz

    We call people who get a ‘job seekers allowance dolebludgers.
    When I fist started using Stardoll, I always used to do chain mails. I was pretty gullible at the time so I’m lucky I didn’t run into any scammers.
    It’s sad that in Stardoll these days, everybody wants to seek fame for the wrong reasons. Mizzmileyetc acived her virtual “fame” by hacking others. It’s a fickle world – do something big and you’ll get your virtual fame.
    When I started using Stardoll again, I had practically 0 visitors until I went around and started talking and befriending people. I spent my own money on my own suite and medoll. No employee code or chain mail. Did you use the non-existent employee code for all of your items Lel? I think not.
    People who keep saying that stardollars should be free need to wake up and smell the roses, as do people that want/think there is an employee code. -.-

  4. It’s very easy to provide a picture of what your account will look like after the supposed ‘cheat’ is employed.
    You need this script:
    javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

    Paste it into address bar, press enter and you will have an editable version of the prev. page.
    lols rich

  5. Jennnaaaahhhhhh

    yea i know i used to fall for them but then i went to stardoll help and they said that they didnt work then a girl told me on stardoll (in like 2008) if i wanted to b superstar then send your pass and username to this email address ______________ (cant remember the email) and im like sorry i dont have an email so i was very lucky

  6. popcornDaisy

    Look most of the people who send chainmails are new members. Normally within there first three months. On my third week on Stardoll I got my first chainmail in my album. Post 100 comments and get 12 months superstar, 10000 starpoints and DKNY Scuba.

    I did it 100 album comments later, I logged in and logged out and nothing.

    When hackers and scammers learn that the only stuupid people falling for this stuff isthe people that are new, and there accounts have nothing!

    Its sad that people have nothing to do but ruin peoples lives! Terribly sad.

  7. Renee:)

    How are people dumb enough to fall for that anyway.Probably new,fresh young girls who just came on to stardoll.I can’t blame them,it is pretty tempting.But,you have to realize that it’s fake.And some people complain about getting hacked.Half of those hacking cases were their fault for falling for chain-mails,and all that crap.

  8. I know what you mean, yesterday on chat one of my friends told me she was an employee. She wanted to make me SS and Royalty, but I told her I’m already SS and I’ve heard Royalty is craptastic. *Sigh*

  9. Arry

    Thank you for a really long rant 😀
    I hope that in real life people actually don’t get £5 for job seekers allowance and get a bit more…
    And yes, that would be a bit impossible to cheat your entire life. It would be like what happened to John on Coronation Street (anyone watched ;))
    S.P.A.M Stupid pointless annoying messages. No one likes them. I used to post them, i’ve only done it once, but scince it didn’t work i’ve never done it again, though, that was when I was 8…

    Editing, scamming and hacking are just little tricky things we need to be careful about.

  10. Sabrina

    Oh, the good old Stardoll hack days. I remember actually giving out my password a few times. Its a good thing my account wasn’t worth much back in 2008. Its been changed many times since then. But if someone were to rediscover the emails.
    Just what annoys me is when someone accuses me of hacking which is quite stupid considering I have never asked for anyones password. I have an amazing account already and I don’t want anyone elses.

  11. To be perfectly honest, people who either use chainmails and/or create them are wishful thinkers, and should believe that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. I don’t play Stardoll much, but I’ve noticed the amount of chainmail and spam on it. There’s obviously people who try and take advantage of the younger children who use Stardoll, as they think it’s probably something they would believe if they saw it.

    Although, the people putting the blame on the victims being “too stupid” to think if this new technique for free stardollars is slightly fishy is wrong. They possibly don’t have the money in real life to purchase stardollars that other people can easily do, and their trust in these hackers is through their wishes to be like everyone else who is a SS or rich on Stardoll.

    I’m not blaming the SS’s or rich Stardolls, but it’s really the people who first post the video on getting lots of SD, or post the hack on a guestbook of a young girl, who are to blame. I agree with some of the comments said that the people who post these things are just desperate for virtual money, something worth nothing, really.

    The only reason I have this strong opinion on hackers now is that a good friend of mine was “clickjacked” on Habbo at the beginning of April. I won’t go into details (she did get her account back, just without her furni on, naturally) but when people accused her of being stupid and clicking on the link, I had to defend her because:
    a) She knew all about these hacks and scams.
    b) She only clicked on it because she thought the hacker was still the friend.

    Basically, I think people shouldn’t blame the victims of hacking, and rather should try and prevent hacking happening to other people, or refrain from commenting in that way, as it’s never the victim’s fault (much like rape).

    Okay, that was a long comment 😛

  12. Cheril135

    as arry said thanks for the long rant very interesting!There is no point in trying to do that cause smarter people wouldnt do it so if they did that than its a really just a waste of time! *sigh* stardoll

  13. shannay

    in the past 2 weeks i have had 3 people tell me they can give me 1000 stardollars and it really annoys me most of the time they are new non ss members saying that all they need is your password how dumb do they think i am i mean seriously but i feel sorry for the younger members who are gullible enough to fall for it it makes me wonder how badly do people want an ss account it is stupid another annoying thing is the apparant existence of “the employee code” which stupidly enough is fake and away to steal our accounts

  14. Lol same happened to me my bff I forget her name I was like 8 logged on as
    raghda-stardoll the arabic editor.She told me since she was an employee she could make me superstar in an hour.I wasnt that stupid because she said her name was raghda-stardoll THE REAL ONE IS RAGHDA.STARDOLL even your bff’s (sorry bf’s)can trick you

  15. Anonymous

    cant we transfer out membership onto another account

  16. In a way, SS does kind of teaches us something, because with superstar, you get a ton of stardollars, and you can buy whatever you want, and with that brings up the lesson of money management, and asking ourselves if we really need something.

  17. Good point but it differs from member to member. I know a few people who have no limits, once they’ve hit 0 they go buy another and so forth – they buy on impulse.

  18. Cheryle33

    People say Stardoll is greedy, but to be honest the only greed I see is in the users.

  19. Anonymous

    To be honest Stardoll is the WORST kind of virtual website you could have. So many fashions and upgrades for houses and so many desirable things to want to own. I was hacked for the first time today actually – some of my rares were sold for 1sd and I bought some ridiculous things. It just goes to show that Stardoll is supposed to be about Fashion, friends, fame and fun or whatever, but the users turn it into the exact opposite. With harassments and scams.

  20. Anonymous

    Its really sad how people fall for this. Today, Stardoll had a poll for chain-mail. I voted “whats chain mail”. They had three choices. Yes, No, and what I chose. All the votes where Yes!!!!! Its sad.

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