Windows of the World new floor – Saudi Arabia

For a little background information – Saudi Arabia is situated in the Middle East. Her neighbours include Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. The country is very well-known for its oil exportation and reserves.

I think the Saudi Arabia outfits have been one of the best yet. Probably because I’m still at my Pastel Colour stage and these items are a way of updating it from Winter to Spring. My favourite items would have to be Elie Saab Inspired Silver Dress and Glitter Jacket.

Prices range from 4 to 17 Stardollars and with only four items in the entire floor available for Non-Superstars. At the least Stardoll could have made one or two outfits for Non-Superstars.

The featured building is the Makkah Clock Tower:

Looks stunning and the Stardoll graphic is very similar.

I think I will be definitely be buying a few items from the Saudi Arabia floor.





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3 responses to “Windows of the World new floor – Saudi Arabia

  1. jadajane

    I love the items inspired by Elle Saab and I have to say I’m in awe of the detail done on the Makkah Clock Tower I think I might just go broke on star doll for the millionth time buying these and a few other new items lol Wonderful.

  2. Arry

    I like it (:
    The clothes are nice, and at least some of the items are non-superstar.

  3. Anonymous

    only some