Royal Poll – Seriously what the . . .

Logged into Stardoll again this afternoon after a good long nap. Like my normal routine; I log into Stardoll, I check if the Poll has been changed, if it has been updated I’ll participate, then I will check if there are any new releases in Starplaza and so forth . .

Well here was the results of the Poll:

Thankfully- being educated in Primary School – I knew the answer was Wales. I’ve never heard the term Prince of England used in today’s modern times. Although I suppose people just always choose the first option just to get the Poll over and done with, without any thought.

Is this Poll opened for everyone in every country?





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12 responses to “Royal Poll – Seriously what the . . .

  1. Arry

    They probably do just select the first answer, but then again, that’s what people will think, as he lives in England.
    Do people not realise, that his mother is the of .
    & I wonder why stardoll even released this poll…

  2. Arry

    ^ my comment above didn’t come up properly.
    “Do people not realise that is mother is the princess of Wales?”

  3. @Arry

    Very good point there, everyone knows the tragic tale of The Princess of Wales (Diana).
    May be they like to test our general knowledge haha xD

  4. skittleskiss

    Yes, the poll is for the U.S. too.

  5. hmm… I didn’t know that Princess Diana was princess of Wales… or that she had a son…. Strange…. But I would probably pick England… cause I’m Irish… lol! x

  6. I Voted But i actually thought he was from england Im an idiot. xD

  7. Yeah, hey, guys, do you even know what Diana stands for? Well, if the answers “No”, I shall tell you. Because Lady Diana died in a car accident, people are saying that the name Diana stands for:
    Died In A Nasty Accident.
    and The first letters stand for Diana.

  8. Well those people who say that are wrong and are being so disrespectful to the memory of such a charitable woman.
    Diana derives from the Latin meaning of Divine. I doubt the Spencer family would have their child named for a ludicrous anagram.

  9. Anonymous

    I cant understand why people care so much about the royal family. This is so stupid! Royal famly and the monarchy are stupid! they dont help anyone! Come on people, we are on 21 century! we dont need know if prince william is a prince of wales or new zealand! come on!

  10. I don’t think New Zealand has a monarchy although I am not certain.
    It isn’t stupid. Prince Charles actually created the charity the Prince’s Trust which helps many people around the UK. The monarchy also helps promote The UK around the world and helps bring in millions of pounds into the country through tourism.
    I am not a monarchist but to say it is stupid is slightly childish to say the least.

  11. Anonymous

    Thats true they help with the tourism, but how much they costs for the people? They spend a lot more than they brings with the tourism.

  12. I am not going to have a debate on my Stardoll blog about the British monarchy – considering that you do not even seem to live in the UK.
    Is that just an assumption of yours or have you actually looked at case studies? It is more than just money and financial costs. Tradition, Positive outlook from other nations, advertising British associations, trade and economy.

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