In the Spotlight: JadaJane


Click here to visit her Stardoll Suite:

Jade is such a lovely and friendly member of Stardoll, she’s always sprinkling stars around where ever she goes. As well as being a sincere person to talk to, she is also a very talented Stardoll Designer.
Here is a room in her Suite dedicate to her T-shirt and Suite Item Designs:
Click on the picture above to purchase one of Jade’s T-shirts in her Starbazaar


Interview with Jade

Was there anyone in particular who introduced you to Was there specific reason you decided to join?

I wasn’t introduced to Stardoll by anyone in particular . I found this site from an advertisement online. I thought hmm what’s this about? I joined and in no time I was addicted lol.

You recently had your account deleted, thankfully you have regained it now. What was the experience like and could you give out any advice to members who are struggling through the same scenario?

Wow, Yes I had my account deleted for about one day and it was a nerve wrecking experience, to say the least. My advice to anyone dealing with this type of situation is to stay as calm as possible. Gather all the proof of purchases that you’ve made via your account on Stardoll and mail the Administration with a firm but very nice note asking why your account has been deleted you do have a right to know why so ask and again, I stress have your proof of purchases ready to send to the administration. 

If you could change on thing on Stardoll, what would it be?

I think it would be wonderful if Stardoll would give New members a Free Superstar Pass for one month. I think this would really help new members and Stardoll as well . After the month is done the members could have an option of extending their membership via purchase to prevent it from expiring.

Lastly more Stardollars for our ourchase would be great. Increasing the Stardollars received while leaving the purchase prices the same as they are now would be wonderful for members who are true shopaholics like myself the star dollars go rather quickly lol.

You create amazing designs. Is there any member on Stardoll or real life brands that really inspires your work?

First thank you very much for the compliment on my designs I’m new to designing and I’m still learning so this is a wonderful compliment. I’m inspired by everything and everyone really I love color I think there’s life in colors so I tend to create very bright designs more often than not.

Some real life brands and people that inspire me; Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe.

I love logos as well and these logos inspired my interior designs; Mtv, Hgtv and PacMac.

Is there any pitfalls in creating your designs or is it all going smoothly with no hassle?

Everything is trial and error so I make a million mistakes sometimes and I start over a million times more until I achieve something that makes me smile. I haven’t experienced any pitfalls yet probably because I’m fairly new to the site and design, ask me in a month or two I might have a different answer lol. I must say that being new to the site and designing on the site is hard at first becuase I might not get as much business or I should say customers because I’m not actually known as well as some of the more seasoned designers on the site but that comes with the territory of being the “New kid” on the block so to speak. :)

Do you think Stardoll should create a larger platform for designers, such as yourself?

It would be great to have more templates to choose from in the design area itself on Stardoll. I would love to have a few different templates to add our designs to, how about some Chucks lol. I’d love to do a funky design on a pair of converse I think it would be neat. As for a larger platform there are many wonderful people such as yourself who are kind enough to give starving designers such as myself the opportunity to be noticed. I must thank you again for this opportunity.

Aww no problem ^-^. Where do you see your designs heading in the future? Are you going expand more on Suite Decoration items?

Fashion design wise I see myself trying new designs for sure it’s a growing process and a learning process as well. I also see myself extending my interior designs . I’m always thinking of things that I can try with interiors. :)

Example of Jade’s recent Suite Items, which are available for sale here

Where do you see yourself (in Stardoll terms) in 6 months time?

Well I definitely see more Starpoints in my future. I love to play the game so that’s inevitable really. I also see myself with a decent amount of revenue generated from sales to invest into future designs. More than all that I see myself with some really wonderful friends. Stardoll created a great platform in which people from all walks of life world wide can come and connect just being there for the few weeks that I have I’ve managed to meet some pretty awesome people yourself included :)

Thank you so much Lel for this interview.
Kindest regards


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  1. Ericka

    She has talent…I am going to visit her suite and maybe buy some items. (:

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