New Starplaza Store – Pix

To see each individual camera effect, hover your mouse pointer over the eye icon.

I’m not really buying into this. If you are a partier on Stardoll then yes, the memory cards would be useful to capture the fond memories. Or if you hardly ever use your camera – like me – then there is simply no use for them. Everyone has a maximum of 50 photographs already, so say if I were to reach my limit I would just delete the older useless photographs. I wouldn’t pay 50 Stardollars for an extra 100 photogrpahs, it seems a little too pricey.

I like the camera effects, especially the Film Noir and Copacabana Sunset. There others from my perspective are okay, although not something I would definitely purchase without a second thought. I love the title 15 Minutes of Fame – I’m sure a lot of the alleged “famewhores” on Stardoll would really buy into this effect.

The other items that you can purchase are small camera bags, camera necklaces and Polariod Suite Decorations. I think the Polaroid decorations would be something I would buy, although I’m not sure about the necklaces. The gold bling camera necklace seems a little too much for my liking.

In the future Stardoll will probably release more film effects and more accessories for our Medolls although I’m not sure where else it might be heading. May be an actual stop motion picture feature?

I know there are Models and Magazine editors on Stardoll through projects, so will we be seeing Photographers soon?





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4 responses to “New Starplaza Store – Pix

  1. Yep manta (Mant__*) has already got it 🙂
    Im searching for people who have 🙂

  2. Renee:)

    Well,this is pointless.I guess stardoll needed an excuse to grab our stardollars,eh?

    Also Lel,remember when I discussed with you about the account “theelitesmustgo”? This poser still hasn’t gotten deleted.I don’t know what to do because I’ve never been in this situation.

  3. theelitesmustgo has got deleted!

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