Perfect Day Items Release

Thanks to Ericka for letting me know – the store has been released.

As Ericka also pointed out – the last dress on the last floor really does remind us of a previous December 2010 Hotbuy . .

The Hotbuys Gown was actually 18 Stardollars, while the Perfect Day version altogether (Top, Shoulders and Skirt separate) cost 30 Stardollars. So sometimes it is worth while buying expensive Hotbuys, for a change. I actually prefer the Perfect Day version, the colours are a lot more softer and I like the small pattern on the skirt.

The store is expensive. You can purchase a Carriage for a whooping 48 Stardollars and a window for 27 Stardollars. I’m not sure if that is Westminster Abbey (Where William and Catherine will be married) in the background or just an ordinary church.

Overall I think the dresses and items are beautiful – just a little costly.

Many members purchased the “0 Stardollar” items and now have been charged, best thing to do is contact Stardoll with a complaint and with your reference code. I doubt they’ll ever give us refunds, I really doubt it. Then there’ll be an outrage.

Also an interior has been released in the SuiteDecor Shop at 20 Stardollars.





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6 responses to “Perfect Day Items Release

  1. ericka

    The store is already on the Stardplaza. Thanks for the update also… It is under Antidote, at the left, next to Other World in mine. I like that some items are free.(:

  2. ericka

    Update: I try to buy items…some items are free and it says: “Error You don’t have enough stardollars”…

    Also, looks like Stardoll ran out of ideas and published many clothes that together look like a Hotbuys Dress released short time ago. (Page 4)♥

  3. @Ericka

    Thank you for letting me know ^-^ I’ll update the post now.
    Yes, do not try and buy any of the “free” items because Stardoll will now charge you.
    Really, I can’t tell :L Which dresses?

  4. Miss.Star22

    I have already bought soo much about 9 of each free item :O

  5. Miss.Star22

    Im so happy I bought loads visit me on Miss.Star22 All the clothes I have on the floor i am I bought them and got most of them for free and I have some duplicates and more in my storage 😀 Stardoll isn’t charging me 😀

  6. I think stardoll forgot that they had already made an outfit like the hotbuys one ’cause seriosly, what’s the point of an outfit that is the exactly the same as a really expensive hotbuys dress? Did stardoll just run out of ideas or have they just forgotton that they allready did that? Most of those clothes are great except for the fact that they are all seperate so you have seperate prices for each one, NONE of them are dresses. Not one, they are all skirts and tops and they usually look hideous without the rest of they outfits and most people aren’t going to mix and match because some people aren’t that good at putting an outfit together and just put on one thing without accesorising which I personally do not like. And the interior just looks like a plain white room with a slightly darker white bit in the middle so I have no intention of buying that anyway although most of the clothes are nice when put together and accesorised. 🙂

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