New Store in Starplaza coming soon? Perfect Day

Stardoll posted this on the Official Stardoll Blog:

Starting on Monday, April 11th, your dream weddings will come true! Prince William and Kate are tying the knot soon—and we’re giving you the chance to  say “I do” in the most fashionable of ways too!
Create amazing ceremonies and even more incredible dresses with our offerings in Perfect Day, the latest shop in Starplaza. Celebrate your wedded bliss in Parties, and don’t forget to check out the Spotlight page for an exciting contest!

So is this why Voile is on sale?

Seems exciting and due to the Royal Wedding I have a day off school. I’ve seen the spoilers on USD and look beautiful and elegant – fit for a princess. It’s not all pink, lace and ruffles. I even spotted a Union Jack top hat.

I believe that the perverted members of Stardoll who parade around in Parties, will take advantage of these “Wedding Parties” and turn it into something absolutely disgusting and ruin the momentous day. There are special websites out there suited to their desires and Stardoll isn’t one of them.

I’m not too excited about all of this. With all these Epiphany floors and Pet-a-Porter, does anybody seriously have any Stardollars left? I don’t think I’ve spent so much since the last season of Limited Edition clothing.







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9 responses to “New Store in Starplaza coming soon? Perfect Day

  1. Arry

    I am only really bothered because we get a bank holiday, and at Frankie & Benny’s A.K.A Best restaurant ever, people under 18 eat free.
    And isn’t it on April 29th? Not 11th?

    Would you believe, that you know “hair flowers” those hair accessories flowers? Well, I saw one with a union jack on the other day.

    I hadn’t thought of that until you had brought it to mind.

  2. I never said the wedding was on the 11th? Stardoll are just setting up the events early, I think 🙂
    Haha xD It must be that great that you’re planning well ahead.
    Really? A Union Jack flower? o.o’

  3. You get a day off? Lucky!! I think we’re on holidays then anyway…
    This new line sounds pretty, but time will tell.

  4. Arry

    That’s what I meant:)
    I haven’t really, but might be going on holiday then. Yes, really. I tried to find a picture but couldn’t find one anywhere.

  5. Ellie

    I like the items i saw on a blog and i think most people will be making parties called ″the royal wedding party~ and all of the people attenting these partys will be wearing most of the items

  6. Ellie

    anyone watching the aintree grand national

  7. Sara

    It’s an ok idea but imagine all of the racey parties going on. It’s already bad, and stardoll is making it worse? Someone get me an ice pack.

  8. I have bought so much from the pet a pour shop but not much on emphiany but I have quite alot to spend on the dresses I have 1365sd 🙂 And pluz I have holidays for 2 weeks then i get the monday and tuesday off and friday off and saturday and sunday. Then i get bank holiday off and then the friday off so I hardly have school for a month basically Lol x

  9. @Ellie
    Ye watching the grand national!

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