New Ephipany Floors

I preferred yesterday’s collection although that is just my personal preference.

These two new floors to Epiphany are more calm, relaxed and really shout out Summer. The prices aren’t as high as yesterday’s, although today they did not include the lavish tiaras.

I actually really like the simple Bracelets and Bangles although I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from the new items yet. I just checked SMW and they have released store spoilers of the next two floors of Epiphany which will hopefully be released tomorrow. It has some sort of Dark almost Gothic-like theme and I see some Guitar earrings so I think I’ll be definitely buying something from there.

Overall it was an okay collection, but may be I’m only saying that is because I just fell in love with the previous floors. I think Stardoll are trying to find an Epiphany collection for everyone at the moment. Making it a lot more versatile than just glistening jewels. May be I was wrong in calling Epiphany the Tiffany & Co. of Stardoll – it is probably more Swarovski.




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  1. .Anti.Dot.

    3rd one of this week is out already! Not in the store, but in the New Tab. They are really cute! There is a Disco Ball, and the Guitar Earrings are 17 stardollars! Stardoll is on a roll with new things this week!

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