Just updated the Your Views section – I will add more later on.

Tomorrow I will be working on my next Youtube tutorial so I’m going to log off the laptop really quickly to prepare myself for the big marathon for tomorrow. I know I have more comments to reply to etc. but don’t worry I’ll get it all done tomorrow.

It’s actually sunny and warm here in the UK so I’m going to make the most of it while I can, before it begins to rain tomorrow or at the weekend -.- Spring is finally here!

Have a good day folks 😉




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  1. Ugh. It rains non-stop in Ireland, for the last three or four Augusts its been raining like everday, and my birthday is in August but usually I’m in the UK visiting my Granny for some of August though. I can’t wait for the next video, it’s been ages. . . Sorry that comment was kind of random but I’m kind of hyper on sweets. Okay sorry that was even more random but anyway. . .

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