Glamorising Rare Items on Stardoll

Yes m’dears the topic is back. Before any one asks – winners will be announced and the your views pages will be updated tonight, I’ve only just logged in on my blog since I had a really late night yesterday. Also a new Youtube video seems to be on the horizon this Saturday although I can’t say much since it’s another collaboration but I don’t think I’m actually creating any of the looks, by the sounds of it.

Well I’ve just been scouring other Stardoll blogs, looking at some spoilers – new Nail store in Starplaza will be released soon. Fingers crossed that the prices won’t be similar to those of Luxe. Get it? Fingers Crossed? I’m so lame. Well I came across another classified “Gossip Blog” and the newest post was just some screenshots of a Stardoll suite. Not just any ordinary suite, snapshots of astonishing LE collections and DKNY collections and even “Rare” Decor items. Feel my enthusiasm folks? I didn’t even know rare decor items existed.

People can post whatever they like – I’m not going to be the one that just sits here and points. You’s can all go figure out which blog/post I’m talking about.

What I see is a perfect example of what the glamorising or Rares on blogs out with the Stardoll website has done. I personally believe that Rares wouldn’t be such a big deal in our minuscule society if it were not for Stardoll blogs. When people think of Stardoll “Elites”, what do they really see? Minimalist Suites,  Talented members of Stardoll, Cat fights, Thousands of Starpoints or Big collections of Rares? Basically all of the above, to be honest.

I’m sure I wouldn’t have heard about the DKNY Scuba, Skyscraper or RC Celeb Clothing if it were not for the infamous Loophole scandal that was written in several Stardoll Gossip Blogs in the early ages of 2008/2007.

The majority of Stardoll members strive to be noticed or to become famous. They seem to idolise members of Stardoll who really fit the bill of an “Elite”. Reading different styles of Stardoll blogs can really influence your perspective of different topics of Stardoll. When I first began reading Stardoll blogs, the only ones I read were Gossip blogs. There was no such blogs such as MDM. Many were just based on Fashion, Cheats and Gossip. That’s when I finally saw my chance but that’s another story. I’m sure everyone reading this will have completely different experiences.

I don’t find someone’s virtual clothing astonishing. I think it’s stupid. That’s probably because of my previous encounters although that is just my point of view.

Now the majority of you reading here will agree with me, well because you are my regular readers. If you didn’t agree with my point of view or my discussions then you probably wouldn’t be here reading this. So therefore as my readers and my views on Stardoll/Rants do I influence your thoughts and vice-versa through the comment sections? What I’m trying to say that blogs and other media projects can really influence your perspective on things. Now each one of us will have a view on Rares but I think it’s important to find out the real roots and the base of why these virtual items have become so relevant and noticeable in our Stardoll world.

I’ll only idolise someone because of their achievements and work/talent not because of their purchases and their money.




Quick post here – just wanted to get my point out there.



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10 responses to “Glamorising Rare Items on Stardoll

  1. I have to agree with you there Lel, most of the “Elites” are just people with loads of rares, DKNY, LE, etc. Most of those items are just overpriced so I normally don’t bother with them, I infact have never bought any LE or rare clothing most of which are not even nice, and the scuba and skyscraper dress are ugly and pointless. Most people who buy the scuba dress probably never or rarely wear it, it’s just to show off that you had the money to buy it, I’ve seen people bid on it for like $1,200 stardollars which is kind of stupid giving that most people will just sell it again for even more after showing it off a bit. And as for the gossip blogs, I only read one other blog than this one and that one is kind of a gossip blog but it has over seven writers. Most of the topics are all about gossip and cheats.
    😀 :v

  2. Nicole Maci (CocoPie111)

    Most “Elites” are just like regular people that have rares, and money, and a blue diamond by their names. I don’t see what the big deal is with Elites, because I bet most of them are like 13 year old’s behind a computer. I was bored today and started going through the “Elite wanna-be’s” and people like Miss_LolitaF have all these rares that they use to show off. I complimented Lolita’s suite, and she said she bought all these National CG trophies she has. I think its stupid, cause most of the wanna-be Elites buy LE, and rares for like $500 just to show off, claiming they’re rich and all. Sometimes I see presentations that say “Selling Scuba, highest bid 1,500.” Like who pays that much for a piece of virtual clothing? The blogs I read are mostly Medoll Memoires, and Perez Hilton of Stardoll. I think “Elites” are a waste of time cause they just brag and brag of all their CG trophies that most of them bought, and how much money and rares they have, and how popular they are. Annoying much?


  3. Liz

    I think it’s a bit 50/50.
    Some elites are famous for what kind of impact they’ve had on our virtual world, but others are just as you mentioned above – people who are basically hungry fir the status. I think these people are the ones who buy up whole stores of LE and waste their money on “rare” DKNY just so they can try to amplify their status. I get that done people truly love LE and want to buy loads of items – that’s fine by me. What’s going over the line us user like Mumdeb. Sure, she may have the money being an older Stardoll member but does she truly love every piece of LE she owns? No, I don’t think so. I bought quite a bit of the last PPq collection because I really liked it, not for my status.
    I think peole need to get over themselves and think about where their virtual fame will get them in life, especially if it’s only fame from gossip.

  4. The real elites should be people who wok really hard on their dolls, suite, album, designs, sceneries etc. But the annoing thing is that the people who do work hard don’t get all the credit and votes because
    the people who have loads of rares always seem better because they have “LE”. Loads of rares and stuff just look cheap and are only expensive and collectable because of their name: “LE” or “Rare”. I’m fed up of people saying: ” Look at me! I’m so cool, I spent $500 on this ugly dress just because it said DKNY or LE even though I’m never gonna wear it ‘caus it’s ugly and if I do people won’t think I’m cool” That’s practically what they say. . .

  5. Anonymous

    Howz that a collav if your not making up looks? Thats not a collab.

  6. skittleskiss

    Like Mant_*, i’m sure her parents spend a TON of money on stardoll. Her little sisters royalty, and has a superstar spare acct.. I mean I kinda makes me mad to see all these kids who have thousands of SDs. I am a superstar myself, but I have to pay for it myself because i’m 14 :p My mom used to pay for it, but she already pays for itunes and xbox live ( i love video games lol) and my phone bill. So, I just told her I would pay for it. I mean I could have a ton of money and be royalty, but I choose to spend only $11 a month so I can save up and get a car when I’m 15 or 16. Anyways, I’m happy for anyone if they have parents that will pay that much for a game online, but not if your a snobby person, like Mant_*, shes just too good to reply to GB comments of accept friend request.

  7. Lucy

    Honestly I don’t give a flying flookie about rares etc. I will buy items I like and look good on my medoll. If its rare, its rare – yey. Anyway, why do people buy other peoples NCG trophys. Your not winning their achievement, they were the ones who were covergirl.

  8. ericka

    Considering the comments…some of this people want attention because they can not be as their medoll in real life, others are just killing time and like to entertain with the things Stardoll offer. But, lets not start judging people and saying names, with the most minimun word we can hurt; some just one to fit in and make friends with similar interests.

    Also, some rares are really cute, when I see something I love….I see the tag and it says: “Miss Sixty”. It really dissappoints me when that happens because I know that item is gonna be sold at high prices. I repeat: “If it was not for the tag, people will not really care about giving another look to it”.

    I don’t think that you should spend $600 in just a little virtual game buying rares that are not useful when you could buy something else at that price in real life if you like to buy expensive things and limited edition clothes.
    Sorry if you don’t agree I try to always see the best and forget the worst.

  9. Ebonymeme

    I have a DKNY collection. I honestly LOVE DKNY! I have some DKNY in real life as well. The last collection isn’t my fave so I don’t have as much and I don’t have any first season cuz it’s too expensive. I buy the items I like for reasonable prices and I wear my DKNY alot too.

    Someone commented about People buying ncg trophies. I agree with them. It’s pathetic! You’re parading and showing off a trophy for something you didn’t win!! that’s a poser for you! “/ Lolita tries really hard to be popular. She makes all these new “projects” on her blogs because otherwise ppl will forget about her. And when I found out about her buying all those trophies, I totally lost respect for her. You shouldn’t be able to buy them

  10. myprettystardol

    I agree with everyone. I sure do love collections of DKNY,LE, and every other but sometimes you don’t have to by EVERYTHING in the collection just because it’s rare!I mean it’s just a virtual world!! Sometimes I imagine if RIO was a rare collection then DKNY would be nothing! I have no collections at all because I do not want to waste my stardollars and starcoins on expensive clothing that might not even be cute!! And also if you buy other peoples Covergirl,album,scenery, etc. then you will be taking the credit and pride for sometihng you didn’t do so I just be myself and earn things and keep the clothes I think are pretty.

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