100 Million Members on Stardoll

Sadly I missed this wondrous and historic event.

According to Stardoll at 03:30 am they reached over 100 million members.

Pass the celebrations around!

Nothing special. I’m not feeling this enthusiasm. There must have been a massive surge of multiple accounts created early in the morning.

The 100 Millionth Members is – according to their Stardoll Profile – a 27 year old Female from Puerto Rico. Highly likely that it is a young child who changed their age in order to register.


The 99,999,999 member is someone who cannot spell their name correctly or did not have the chance to. I’m sure they intended their name to be MICHELLE. That’s only an assumption.


I feel like there was more of a buzz when the Lottery dresses were going to be released at 20 Million members (or something like that) than there is now. Or it may just be the fact that Stardoll offered rubbish gifts, in my point of view. I only managed to spend 40 Stardollars out of the free 100 Stardollars everyone received. I knew I should have at least quickly logged in yesterday. Well I got some Epiphany items out of it.

Now let us wait for 110 Million members.





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8 responses to “100 Million Members on Stardoll

  1. ericka

    That’s extrange because yesterday at night I received my 100 free stardollars and I still try to use them wisely.♥

  2. shannay

    the stardollars don’t expire i still have my left over 3 ones and its been over 48 hours 🙂

  3. Nope – I had 60 Stardollars left and now I have 0 (this was before I bought my cat) and didn’t buy anything else but that. So therefore you can draw to the conclusion that my stardollars did expire and you’s probably logged in after I did and my 48 hours ran out. Unless someone has Logged into my account and bought 60 stardollars worth of items that don’t appear on my transactions list or in my suite ;D

  4. its strange because the 100 millionth member hasn’t been online in 2 days :/

  5. Ellie

    I think the 100 millionth member was a member of staff.My stardollars from the hundred didn’t expire i had 24 left today i had 24 left.Thoose cats were origanaly 100sd but i dont no how much they cost now .Most items have been half price since the 100 stardollars went out weird

  6. @cola-cat

    It’s probably because:

    1) It is just a multiple account owned by another Stardoll member
    2) They do not realise that they are the 100 Millionth Member
    3) They’ve forgot they created the account or password
    4) People always assume that if you receive a Millionth account of some sort, that you receive Stardollars and Superstar membership etc. but it isn’t true. Well not that I know of.

    Those are just guesses =)


    Really? If they were staff their flag would probably be Sweden, not Puerto Rico. Plus they don’t really need help in bouncing up their own members count hehe. That’s because I didn’t log into Stardoll for 24 hours and I missed my chance. Hard to explain but I just received my Stardollars earlier and I didn’t use them in time. The three remaining cats still cost 100 Stardollars.

  7. You Know if you remove all of the Fake/Spare Accounts In Stardoll, It’ll be like Prob’ly Less than $50Million 😀

  8. How do you get 24 hours of member ship if your not a member? But for the people that dont have stardoll, get stardoll its so much fun.

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