Stardoll 100 Million Memembers – Thanks (No, not really)

I was so excited when I logged in today. Thinking “Wow, Stardoll are really going all out this time!”.

I scroll down the Spotlight page and how many members do I see?

Not even 100 Million Members yet and Stardoll have decided to do the whole sha-bang already. Patience Stardoll . . .

Well let us discuss the offers.

Three out of Four of these celebration offers and “gifts” – we ourselves have to pay for. Even the free Stardollars are only for a 48 hour period. Nobody can enter the lottery without purchasing. The other free 100 Stardollars only benefits those who are purchasing. The Year Membership only benefits (persuades too) those who are purchasing. Are we seeing a pattern here?

How misleading is this message?

They make it sound like if you buy a one month top-up then you’ll receive all the gifts. Nope. You have to purchase a one year membership (Oh and did Stardoll mention that you receive an extra 100 days?! -.-) to receive all 13 gifts. Great going Stardoll, real good start to this massive celebration.




Sorry for the short post – no time 😦



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15 responses to “Stardoll 100 Million Memembers – Thanks (No, not really)

  1. skittleskiss

    Well, we did get a 100 sd..

  2. … For only 48 hours to spend …

    It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth – well all the offers and “gifts” on that 100 million index/campaign page are, to be honest.

  3. the 48 hour one is especially bullshit because for Non SS they’ve got NOTHING to spend it on!

  4. skittleskiss

    The “free” dresses, are ugly anyway. So, we only have 48 hours to spend it?

  5. ericka

    Look at the good side… ^ We are receiving 100 sd for free, it has a limit but by the “surprises” Stardoll has given this last months, it is really great! I think it is amazing that Stardoll gives away free 100 sd for a couple of days. It could be better for more time but it is something. (: However we could receive more things. ♥

  6. Sara

    When will Stardoll ever understand that bribing superstar won’t do any good.
    When will they? At my funeral?

  7. shannay

    no the 100 stardollar thing is only available to get in the in 48 hours and i think it can be spent when ever

  8. That’s what I thought but all the members in Royalty said differently. Plus if you read the stardollar offer, last line it says you need to log in within 24 hours of reaching 100 Million members.

  9. Jennnaaaahhhhhh

    Btw lelly (i no thats not ur real name lol) it just became 100 million

  10. just wants to make them sound awesome by bribing people into spending their money on membership and receiving a few items of clothing which in fact are crappy. It does suck how we only get 48 hours to use our 100 Stardollers, but I used mine up. I reckon Stardoll should of let the Non-Superstars buy Superstar clothing with their 100 Stardollers.

  11. It now says:
    100,064,167 members

    It has finally reached its goal! It is good offers but it’s not really for “free” is it?

  12. popcornDaisy

    Personally I think we should have got the free sd but for non ss they should have been ss for like 100 hours…

  13. selenawavaa

    I have been waiting a while for a ” deal” or “suprise” for a superstar membership. So when I logged in today I was happy. But when I went to get a membership the page was completely different than normal and wouldn’t let be buy a membership at all! I don’t know if it’s just my computer or something, and if it’s only me having this problem. And now being a non-superstar there is hardly anything I can buy with the free 100 stardollars… it sucks 😦

  14. selenawavaa

    It’s fixed by the way. (response to my last comment)

  15. g

    i know i used to be royalty and only got 5 rooms why?

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