Wow. Really?!

Nothing to post about- nothing special happening on Stardoll. Well may be that we’re quite close to 100 million members.

So I was just looking at my older videos and I seen this on by Blues Tutorial

Over 50,000 Views. Wow. In addition it’s not even that great of a tutorial haha.

Sorry folks, as much as I would love to type up another rant for this week since I’ve got a deadline to finish and my eyes are still sore from last nights marathon. Why does editing one video have to take so long? I’m probably just out of practice.



Oh and for the record my name isn’t Leline (or whatever they called me) – not even sure if those are actual names. Four years running and no one has figured it out – I’m on a roll! If you have a problem with me, don’t hide behind anonymous accounts. Must be fun being a cyberbully. Just shows how much time you have on your hands. Have no idea what your aim is here – I believe that I haven’t done anything wrong for you to make such an account. You’re just being so childish. There is a world out there – go outside and find some friends for a change.




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7 responses to “Wow. Really?!

  1. Renee:)

    That was actually one of my favorites!!

  2. I feel you Lel. I dont know why people have to be stupid over the web. People like starting drama for no reason. Like -Jordin- (or whatever her name is) kept harassing me and kept joining trr even though she was never accepted. People are so stupid.
    Great video! I’ve never seen that video yet ._.
    I will have to watch it ^-^

  3. Hehe I ♥ how you named it holey moley hehe 😀

  4. Anonymous

    just want to see what these do l_l


  5. lilsweetie123

    Why is it coming up as anoymous?


  6. bethany

    Is Your Name Lesley?

  7. @Renee

    Really?? Thanks =L


    It’s a pretty boring video since I didn’t speed it up so it’s super slow but everyone seems to like the Duffy song haha.
    Ugh I know what you mean, people keep trying to enter the club even though I’ve ignored them several times. I don’t think people actually read the club presentation hah.


    Haha xD I can’t believe someone actually noticed. Cookie for you! Hehe


    Probably because you didn’t sign in or type in a name – WordPress does that all the time but yeah, those things don’t do much.


    Nope, but good guess though. Far better than “Lelaine”.

    Which reminds me, one of my favourite books Bitter Chocolate is written by Lesley Lokkko – it’s amazing *-* although it does include some adult themes . .

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