New Youtube Video in collaboration with MissClaire1994x

My poor laptop has been on all afternoon and I need to give it a long rest. So I apologise if I haven’t replied to any Guestbook comments (I actually forgot to reply to several comments yesterday as well). I’ll also reply to all the comments here in the next couple of days. This is my last week of school until the Easter Holidays – I’ve got my final Art deadline and I have so much work to finish and also Music Listening mock-exams so it’s uncertain how much time I’ll get to go online.

Anyways Goodnight folks, hope you all enjoy the tutorial ;). Credit for the original make-up goes to Verojun (on Stardoll, she doesn’t have a Youtube account) and also MissClaire1994x for the entire collab idea. Thankfully we managed to complete the tutorial this week since it had been postponed for a month or so. We had a slight struggle with the title since all we had to really work with in the beginning was the snapshot of Verojun’s Medoll but we got there in the end. I’ll post up Claire’s version up here when she makes it public.




UPDATE: Claire’s version



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6 responses to “New Youtube Video in collaboration with MissClaire1994x

  1. Kenzieloves

    What softwear do you use to edit??

  2. Liz

    OHMYGAWSH it’s awesome! ;D I love both looks, especially the colors – they look pretty damn awesome together. Thanks so much, I’m definetly going to try that technique with the liquid eyeliner πŸ˜‰

  3. Arry

    I know this is irevelant…. but I think you should see the user ***** D: Or don’t. But really, she is a poser & a pretty disgusting one too…

    Love both of the make-up looks πŸ˜€ The colours work really well together πŸ˜€

  4. @Kenzie

    For this specific tutorial I think I just used Windows Movie Maker throughout and I’m sure Claire uses Imovie.


    Aw Thanks Liz 🐱 Good luck in trying it out!


    Yup they posted on my Guestbook, I have nothing really to say. If people want to bully me online then there ain’t much I can do about it – as long as I know I have an actual life outside of Stardoll then I’m fine haha.
    Thanks πŸ˜‰
    Btw I’m sorry I had to edit the name out and receiving more attention will just spur them on.

  5. Liz

    By the way, what are the names of the songs you used in this video? I love all of them! (including the one at beginning credits :D)

  6. Sorry I didn’t realise you asked me haha xD

    Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees
    Porcelain – Patrick Stump
    Mucho Mambo – Shaft

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