New Video Coming Soon . . .

Yay! Sorry for the wait, hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end.

Not sure when it will be uploaded since there are a couple of things to sort out but it’s something I’ve never done before – not in make-up terms before anyone gets really excited, I think I’ve done everything by now – and I think this has been planned since the first days of February/end of January.

I’ve been so out of practice and there has been some silly errors when creating this one look – things that I usually wouldn’t do. Such as forgetting to turn my Hypercam on, or forgetting to mute the sound etc. In a span of 25 minutes I had created all these takes . . (I had deleted the previous clips beforehand since they were trash)

So frustrating although luckily I managed to actually record one decent clip. Pheww.

Usually I post a snapshot although this can be the wee spoiler for you’s.

I also forgot to mention –  this is another simple and easy tutorial to follow. No difficult areas at all and some products you can find in Starplaza or you can easily substitute some of the items for new shades*. My past few tutorials have been relatively easy compared to old ones so hopefully this won’t disappoint.




*Lizluz told me yesterday that you can actually Search through Starplaza to purchase old Dot items and I think you can buy some of the items I use there – still need to check on it*



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One response to “New Video Coming Soon . . .

  1. Liz

    It’s only a select few items but yeah, you can actually find some older items such as the paler and nude shades of lipstick. You just need to search the colour and see what pops up ;D

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