Stardoll making assumptions – Striving to be the best

I was hoping to create another small little My Views/Rant on another topic but I’ve just answered a few Formspring, Stardoll and Youtube questions (also statements) which I would just like to reflect up tonight. Also if anyone is going to ask – I really want to start recording my next tutorial tonight.

At one point or another in our Stardoll experience we’ve been quick to judge, draw conclusions or made assumptions about one or another. We all make mistakes. It’s inevitable. This has happened to me countless times and I’m sure I am not the only one.

When we create all these different blogs, magazines and Youtube videos or other Stardoll projects you cannot expect everyone to be supportive and polite. The internet is crawling with trolls and it’s just the way life works. I believe that no one is prepared for this – I certainly wasn’t. Starting up any project is easy but gaining attention or readers is probably the most hardest part. I attracted lots of negative attention when I first created my blog and I would become so angry and upset that people could talk to me in such a way when at the time, I believed I was in the right. I cringe of the thought of my atrocious replies to these comments which were completely filled to the brim with spelling errors.

I was only twelve years old at the time (Funny how I’m talking like it was such a long time ago) and I was completely oblivious to this side of blogging. I used to read the famous Stardoll gossip blogs regularly and I truly believed that once you started up blogging, readers would come pouring in with lovely supportive comments 24/7. Silly me. It’s not like that at all. People are usually very critical of everything. From one spelling error to a misunderstanding or wrong facts. Sort of amusing, to be honest.

It takes time to build up some sort of barrier between these rude comments etc. and yourself, especially when you are a younger user of Stardoll. Nobody should take negative attention to heart, people argue over the most silliest things online and especially on a dress-up site. Whenever making any post always remember to add your opinion but not insult others. People usually assume being snarky and critical will get you somewhere on the social ladder but I believe this will do nothing but limit your chances of having friendships or companions on this website. Childish thing to say but I’ve always believed this. No one is going to take a like to someone who cuts everyone and everything down around them and that is nothing to strive for.

I would adore reading and laughing with the writers of the Gossip Stardoll Blogs back in the good old days, thinking that to be someone on Stardoll you had to have that edge. I made lots of assumptions and especially about those people who were discussed on those blogs – which I will discuss later in the post. Naturally we are all human beings and cannot be nice and polite all the time but what I am suggesting is that nobody should be so critical of everything on Stardoll all the time – funny that coming from someone like me. If anyone has read my old posts, just reflecting on those you could probably tell I would find anything to moan or rant about. From bad updates on Stardoll to mean comments. I would always find something bad to say. I thought this was the way forward but no one should be so tough and critical of Stardoll all the time – they create okay updates on an occasional basis.

Reverting back to the third paragraph – creating new projects is exhilarating and it is such an amazing feeling to get things on a roll but people are always going to be there to knock your confidence down and the best way to deal with it is to keep calm and carry on.

You may learn from a previous mistake and you’ll soon grow thicker skin. Perseverance and patience is key. I know a lot of people say that on a regular basis but it is true. Speaking from my own personal experience – I wouldn’t have been able to write this post right now if I didn’t persevere during tough times and look where this has led me to – speaking with you amazing readers right now. Sure I’ve had some very low moments but I believe it was all worth it, even though it took over two years to finally realise this.

Gossip blogs are things we love to hate. They can be humorous at times but at others they can be brutal and cruel. Some people may not see this but having people talk about you in a negative light on a public blog doesn’t seem like a great feeling. I’m not suggesting that reading or writing one of these blogs is a bad thing or a sin, but occasionally the things that they discuss can cross the line – a little too far. Talking about another’s project is fair enough – but discussing their personal issues outside of Stardoll seems inappropriate. With their numerous posts on well-known members of Stardoll, without even talking to these individuals we can easily draw conclusions about their character. No one should make assumptions about someone just because of what they have read on another blog or from being told from another person. You could easily be surprised on how wrong they can be.

Now I’m not sure if any one has read my recent Formspring questions. Well recently I received a question – well it wasn’t really a question, more like a statement – on the subject of Stardoll make-up creators and this person’s opinion on them. I’m not going to post it here because I find it offensive and especially to those they were discussing but you’s can easily see it for yourselves. Here was their second comment/question-but-not-quite

It just annoys me that people always are quick to make judgements about others and I’m not just discussing about their view on myself. Fair enough we all have different opinions but if you think someone “sucks” then you tell them yourself, not to another or best option – keep it to yourself. I don’t agree with their views on any level and I think they could have dealt with it in a more polite and civilised manner. Using Anonymous accounts is never the best way to deal with things like this – just shows what a coward they are. If you want to state your opinion – why keep yourself hidden. If you are willing to bash, prepared to take a backlash – obviously these people aren’t.

Making make-up videos or blogging isn’t easy – I think everyone who does either of the two can agree with me. There are so many contributors to this such as time issues, preparing editing/post ideas etc. which people don’t see as this is kept in the background. I wish people could take into the account of how much hard work is put into a lot of Stardoll projects but obviously this doesn’t happen as much as I would like it to.

Why does everyone have to brand an individual? No one is the best and nor should they aim to be. If you keep working your hardest and strive to do better than your last video or your last blogging post or your last magazine issue then that’s all you can do. No one can be rated No.1 in terms of Stardoll make-up videos. Sure I have several subscribers but that doesn’t make me the “best” and just because you are not fond of someone’s videos does not mean that they “suck”.

I also found this to be a little bit interesting.

This Fantage person asked me for permission to use my make-up looks on one of their videos (It’s all on my Valentines tutorial) and this person misunderstood my comment. Funny how the comment wasn’t even addressed to them in the first place. We can always read into things the wrong way and not look at facts right in front of us. I don’t like sharing things according to this person – even though I’ve created 112 videos all with Tutorial in the title. Yeah . . . it would be completely idiotic if you created make-up tutorials and you didn’t want anyone to copy the looks. I am honoured that some amount of users actually take their time to follow my tutorials or to even take a small amount of inspiration from them. I do not need someone to tell me that. See, people also make assumptions about others through misunderstandings. I can’t blame this person, my previous reply to Fantage isn’t very clear but it wasn’t in address to her in the first place.

I prefer talking about the social aspects of Stardoll and behaviour rather than things such as Rares or Hotbuys because I know everyone can relate to this and I find them much more interesting to type about. The Rare Debate has been around for such a long time. It’s always nice to reflect on your past. I hope I went somewhere with this post and people can understand where I am coming from. No, this post will not change the obnoxious and rude people on Stardoll but I hope it provokes others to think upon things and I do love reading through everyone’s views on these kind of topics – with something like this there are bound to be numerous opinions.

I am sure there are better examples I could have used although I wouldn’t like to take screenshots of this or talk about subjects that I wasn’t involved in because usually that gets you into a mess.





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10 responses to “Stardoll making assumptions – Striving to be the best

  1. Some people are so quick to judge. One word can change an entire sentence and then that’s it – you’re hated by a member of the Stardoll community.

  2. I read the formspring questions, and I just wanted to defend myself. Most of my viewers watch you too Lel, and I have what? Like 140 videos? After a
    while it gets hard to think of ideas on my own, so I take requests a lot. A lot of people request things that you have done, but I still recreate the look in my own way. Take my Peacock tutorial for example. We both got requested to do it (yours before mine obviously) and I provided proof of that in the downbar. If that anon watched the video and compared them, he/she would see that they are completely different! That is just an example however.

    There are only so many ways to do a smokey eye.. A pinup look… A pink look.. I love to do viewers requests, so I do them. i do not control what people ask for. Yet, I do try and please them by making it my own as best as possible.

    Truthfully, I have’nt seen that many of Lel’s videos. Until I got on the blog, I had no youtube account. i didnt get notified when a new video was up. Since the youtube account was created, I have been able to subscribe and watch new videos and old ones. i just don’t have the time to watch all of my subscriptions and a bunch of older videos. I stick to new videos really.

    Also, I think that everyone has different styles. I love blended looks (a la fading purple fog look I did), but I don’t think that it is your style at all. You are fantastic at what you do- dramatic makeup fit for a queen. That is something I need to brush up on. I mean I do those once in a while, but even my dramatic looks are really blended out with fading of colors.

    Excuse any errors- typed on iPad.

  3. Sabrina

    I agree with you, people can be really quick to judge.

    I have a bit of a story I want to share with you and all the many other readers of your blog.

    I was on Stardoll a few days ago in a club (OriginalClub) and a girl posted a topic about another member who we all use to consider a role model. Well this girl, who is fairly well known on Stardoll, has a formspring with some of the most horrific comments. Not from others, but from herself. She is racist, anti-semetic, etc. For example someone asked her a question about Japan and she replied “I’m glad all the japs are dying, the feeling is mutual between the two.” Another comment she replied to asking why she supported Hitler se replied. “He killed the jews, couldn’t earn any more of my respect.” She also wrote “christians are nothing more than another pathetic shit, you’re a step under those dirty f***** (I’m just sensering it) Jews.” She is just horrible. And to think that I use to look up to her as member with 10,000 starpoints, someone I thought was cool.

    So just like you said you shouldn’t judge someone until you really know them. She turned out to be a judgmentle b***** (pardon my language please I’m still mad). They don’t always turn out to be as cool as you think.

  4. Lucy

    It’s just sick how people can judge you from one simple comment. How do you make friends? You don’t judge them for one thing they said. It’s just rude how people don’t realise that saying that someone else is the best that they can really offend someone else, not saying your bad or anything but you’ve got to respect others aswell.

  5. I totally agree with you.People these days are so quick to judge.They glance at you once and they think they already know you.If your blonde,people immediately say your dumb and you are a slut.Or if your a black person your immediately called a terrorist.IT’S NOT NICE.

    We are doing something like this in my Modern Studies class at school and it’s horrible.How would the people who judge us feel is we judged them by the one glance?They would be mad.But it’s about time they had a taste of their own medicine. Why are they so quick to judge?Does it make them feel proud?

    You’ve got to respect people.Take their feelings into consideration.Give them a chance.

  6. ericka

    I hate judging people. I have been judged and I am ashamed to say that I have judged people too. The judgements I have received is that they don’t want to talk to me because they are scared I don’t like them just because the way I dress. I’ve also judged people even when I tried not too. Hopefully, not so many times.
    In the second screenshot, I don’t know what the commenter was thinking because I wouldn’t like someone to copy my tutorial and present it as her one when I spent hours and dedication doing it while I could do something else.
    Also, you’ll have to live with people judgements all the time, not just in the internet. That is life, not as God wanted it to be but, now we have to live with that remorse that some are gonna like what yu do and others don’t.♥

  7. shannay

    what you said is so true the way people miss read commentsand judg you on something they got wrong personally i can agree with you not letting people copy your videos they are way to good to let other people copy and take credit for and its not as if you said it meanly

  8. @EssRox

    So true. Sometimes even a smiley can change the tone of a conversation – it’s happened to me a lot.


    Aw there was no need to explain or defend yourself – we all disagree with what they said.


    Wow really??! o.o’
    Some people are really not who they appear to be. Are you sure this person wasn’t hacked? Those are such dreadful things to say.


    Exactly 🙂 You’ve got the entire moral of this post in one comment. Cookie for you! xD


    You took Modern Studies too? It’s such an interesting subject =D
    Good modern day examples you used, people are far to quick too confine somebody in a character just by their appearance.


    So nice to hear that I’m not the only one here ^-^ It’s a horrible feeling after you think you know someone, make an assumption and then figure out you were terribly wrong. I probably replied to that commenter far too harshly, since my reply to Fantage was a little vague to others but she didn’t have to go to the whole effort in claiming that I didn’t like to share. Amazing speech Erika *-*


    Thank you, I’m glad nobody misinterpreted the post or the other comments – which happens a lot :L Glad to hear you agree with me shannay. Usually people love to spark up arguments here. Great to see that on this post – a lot of people can draw from their personal experiences.

  9. Cheryle33

    I have just created a blog and I was amazed at how quickly the trolling came pouring in – some of this negativity happened to come from well known members of the Stardoll community who up until then I respected – and how quickly it became clear that people find the smallest faults to pick at and pick at until it becomes a lot bigger than it was to begin with. For example, I posted on my blog about a girl in Stardoll Royalty who posted an offensive comment about Asian people. I got a lot of stick from people when really I was just trying to show that she was in the wrong. Half the Stardoll Royalty community started to comment rudely on the blog until I just decided to take the post down. Then, the next day, a popular girl said she agreed with me and then suddenly everyone said, ‘Oh, you were right about that girl yesterday.’ It’s funny how people change their minds depending on what one so-called Stardoll ‘celebrity’ says.

  10. I seen the comment that the girl made. At first, I thought she was referring to the people – it was hard to make out. It’s a matter of the amount of power and influence a well-known or liked figure has on a group or community. It is pretty sad, but it’s the way social groups work. I’m sad to hear this, but it’s better to learn things like this the hard way on your own rather than just reading or hearing it from someone else.
    You speak fluent Mandarin? I’m still in the process of learning, pronounciation is off. Cantonese came more naturally haha x)

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