New Dot and Doree Collections

The all over one eye-shadow look. Tut tut Stardoll, I thought you knew better than that. Never wear Red eye-shadow right to the lashline all the way up to your browbone. It’s far too harsh on the eyes unless you add more shading or tones.

The new Dot collection

A very poor collection if I may say so. Usually when a new Dot collection is released I jump up and down with joy but it is getting really tedious now. The whole colour scheme seems repetitive as the only colour or shade we haven’t seen is the Tigerlily Red. Usually Stardoll follows the season trends and normally Spring (Stardoll’s main base is in Sweden which is in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth) is associated with Florals and washes of Pinks and Yellows and variations of several warm pastel colours and it is Summer that is linked to Neon brights. In this collection I would have liked to see more natural and neutral colours. If any one has seen the Viva Glam MAC Lady Gaga look- that’s what I’m talking about.

My favourites items will probably have to be the Kohl Liners – Techno Goth is my favourite and also the Golden Fleece Lipstick.

The bright blushes are only going to lead to one thing which I absolutely despise in make-up terms  . . NODDY BLUSHER! I will rejoice if I finally see the majority of members being able to pull the heavy blusher look with their Medoll and outfit. A light coating is really all you need . . unless it is Costume Drama Make-up or Avant Garde – then you can really go all out.

I’ve been waiting for a natural eye-shadow for some time now – thankfully Stardoll has released the Golden Sunset Eye-shadow.

I have had several ideas for make-up videos but this collection hasn’t really inspired me. I believe the red eye-shadow would have been more helpful if it had been released before Halloween – it could have made it into my old Zombie tutorial. May be with Stardoll focussing on the gorgeous April Hotbuys they’ve forgotten about Dot. Or unless they are planning a surprise make-up new store or *fingers crossed* a new Real Brand of make-up.

It is extremely similar to the previous collection . . although just not to such a high opacity. A little disappointed, I wanted some Red dyes or varied/tinted  Blondes.

Overall a poor performance from Stardoll. As I am typing this an Error appears if you try to purchase the Tigerlily eye-shadow.






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10 responses to “New Dot and Doree Collections

  1. Lucy

    I agree on the part about the hair colours and the blusher but I’m more of a bright coloured person so these shades are my favorite but I would have liked to have seen some newer shades rather than another repetition of the past collections. Also, I hope they will create another real make-up brand – like you said – as usually the shades are softer etc.

  2. The Doree colection is beyond a joke. It is pathetic. I can’t say how crap that is. I was so looking forward to some reds, and the only colour that differs from the winter collection is the orange colour.
    Well done Stardoll, you’ve reached new lows.

  3. Sabrina

    I actually really like the new blush. Well the pink one.

  4. Lucy

    @Renee Well, I guess. The only colours I like are the red’s and blues.

  5. Renee:)

    There all the same,all the time.That’s why I don’t get so excited.

  6. Lucy

    @Renee:) I know, can’t they find time to look at a colour chart and pick some new shades!

  7. Sara

    It’s a shame abotut eh Doree collection, I usually like Doree, but this time… NO! NO! NO! Half of the colors are a waste of money because they re a repaet of last collections…
    Sometimes I think Stardoll is trying to scam us 😐

  8. Lucy

    @Sara I know but if your going to scam do it well! They could atleast release a new brand with the same colours 😛

  9. Estelle

    I aggree the whole collection is boring mabye some pink red s dark oranges and yellows kinda fiery coulours rubbish it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sooooo crap

  10. *One of them looks like grey hair, who wants to look like a granny on stardoll?* It’s meant for young fashion minds isn’t it?
    *No affence meant*

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