April Hotbuys 2011


Seems like Stardoll have really worked on this month’s Hotbuys with a small amount of care and consideration. In comparison to the recent Hotbuys collection – April is by far the best, in my opinion. Seems like Spring is really arriving (also with the spoilers for the new Dot collection) and soon I think we’ll be seeing a lot more florals. I’m not too keen on the bright yellow purse or the leather pants. They’re a little too much for me. My favourite items have to be the sunglasses, Cobra bracelet and Chiffon Katta – no doubt they will be quite pricey. The graphics are very similar to previous months although I think Stardoll have been very selective with the items they have chosen.

Here is a calendar marking all the dates when a Hotbuys item will be released.





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6 responses to “April Hotbuys 2011

  1. Liz

    I have no
    doubt I will be buying the majority of this collection, it’s such a step up from the previous ones.
    Hpefully they aren’t too pricey 😛

  2. crysu318

    hey lel1996:) look what i’ve found today in the starbaazar:) in the bisou store there is still the hot buys belted top:) and it’s on sales:) look at the 7th page:) btw i love the april hotbuys:):X and i really love your blog.. on stardoll i’m crysu318!

  3. .Anti.Dot.

    OMG! I payed 17 for that and now its on sale. Uhh. I hate Stardoll! You have a good eye 😛

    And Lel can you check the blog StardoiiFame.blogspot.com? I’m a writer and I posted some snapshots of some makeup looks I had done for fun. I wanted your opinion on them. But you have to scroll down to see 🙂

  4. Laurenhorse


  5. Penguin848

    Love the shoes….. And bracelet. Deffo gonna buy them(; You can add me on Stardoll- Check out my suite? The unsername is Penguin848. Chao xx

  6. Marshmellow

    The black and White flow top with a black belt? If so I payed 21sd on the day it Was out :/

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