Ohh . .

I was looking through the Stardoll Royalty topics and came across this on a 100 Million members post.

The Blue Skies spoilers have already been posted and personally I don’t think they are that exciting. Although is there something else that us members don’t know about?

Please no more lotteries. That has caused far too much trouble with all the hacking and scamming involving those dresses.





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3 responses to “Ohh . .

  1. Lucy

    They are telling you to wait, they have already released dresses etc.

  2. I know they’ve released all the dresses and such. I was pondering whether or not there will be more than just dresses and other items due to Mette’s hint.

  3. shannay

    ever since i joined the website i had a feeling they are gonna do something HUGE for 100 million members i wasn’t sure what but it is almost her eek OMG

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