Stardoll “Rare” Clothing is more of Status Symbol?

The Scuba, Skyscraper, RC Clothing, First Season Limited Edition etc. we’ve heard it all. Probably to a person out with the Stardoll website these titles mean nothing, but when you step into the online world of Stardoll – just uttering these few titles can make any member squeal in delight and sometimes in horror and disgust.


I’m not  specifically sure when this all became such a massive part of Stardoll. In 2006 having clothes on Stardoll didn’t really mean anything as it was all about the dress-ups but now in the early months of 2011 this has all changed. It is astonishing how the main focus of one website can change over a span of five years. Before it was all about dressing up your favourite celebrities online in any shape or form but now it is seems to be all about the Medolls and how we perceive ourselves through Stardoll with the hundreds of blogs, thousands of clubs, magazines and all the other works. What happened to such an innocent site?

I don’t know whether to state that including Real Life Brands on Stardoll was a good idea or not. It brought that sense of reality to Stardoll but it has also caused breakdowns in friendships, hacking of accounts and scamming of other classified rare items and stardollars. I’ve heard some terrifying stories of fall outs between friends online and in real life – just because they thought they could trust this one person with their password and the other would do anything for a slice of rare – even betraying their own friend. Once you have read those stories you definitely know this whole mess has gone way too far.

I cannot understand why people strive for such things nowadays. We have the Limited Edition and Antidote and other Real Brands such as Killah and Miss Sixty – why strive for more expensive items when you could by lots of pretty new things? I’ve been in that situation – before the release of anything LE or Antidote – and it really isn’t a good place to be. Trust me, having over four years experience on Stardoll I’ve seen the lot. I don’t know how much money I wasted at the time and the whole “Rare” business essentially led up to the hacking of my own account.

What frightens me the most is that people are wasting spending all their money on virtual clothes – not because they like the design but because they see this as a status symbol (much like the Diamond of the Stardoll Royalty). Now I’m going to take this Diamond as an example. I’ve had people message me previously, asking about the Diamond and how to receive this little icon because they “need” it. I’m not twisting their words now, they literally stated that and they were actually being serious. It boggles my brain that people think to receive some amount of respect or praise on this website that you need to have a little blue diamond next to your Avatar. That’s not true at all and wasting money on this site just for that icon isn’t worth it at all. The same can be said for rares.

I’ve seen little debates on the comment section on some Stardoll blogs and people use this statement as some excuse for their erratic spending. “I’m addicted. I just have to have it all”.

Sure enough I’m not going to hold a grudge against anybody because they own rares but what truly worries me is the fact that so many members of Stardoll now are only buying these pixels because of how they think people were perceive them after they purchase these rares.

Shouldn’t you only buy items on Stardoll if you actually like the design and not what it stands for in the Stardoll society?

I received that amount of self content when people asked me for my old rares (when I collected them) and letting them down. Knowing that I had something that they didn’t. Looking back it wasn’t such a great feeling and it was pretty petty of me to think so at the time.

I’ve seen those Guestbook exchanges between other members on Stardoll when dealing/trading for Rares. Others looking down on certain members and claiming that they should “Brush up” their amount of rares. So now Rares are like little trophies, signifying how much money you have spent on Stardoll? Or are they just little ornaments to decorate your Suite for other naive members to look in awe? Do they stand for something completely different or are they just a bunch of over priced pixels?

Some may deem these items innocent, but when you look at it this perspective then I wouldn’t think so. All the hacking stories and scamming claims – the majority of these cases include the exchanging of “Rares”. My hacker didn’t touch a single thing on my account – they only emptied out my little Stardollar purse and took all my expensive items. Just shows that these people only want the one thing and they’ll go to all the lengths just to do so.

We see the so-called “Elites” of Stardoll, with a RC handbag strapped to their virtual wrists. With these gossip blogs and other projects – many members look up to these people and I’m sure the thought goes into their heads that by owning several amounts of expensive clothing online makes you somebody, somebody special. The majority of members I have met through Stardoll are there to fill a hole in their own real lives. Whether that may be through friendships or the creativity space – and some people are here for acceptance. People want to be accepted in the Stardoll society and the people who desire it the most will occasionally do the most terrible things and in the end they’ll be permanently branded “Famewhores”.

Not a nice to title to own or to have. Some people take pride in this – I would be more or less ashamed of myself.

I think everyone can admit that these gathering of pixels in our computer/laptop screens are nicely arranged and do look very nice on our Medolls but I don’t believe they aren’t worth their hefty price. They aren’t even as limited as Limited Edition. I have seen so many Scubas and Skyscrapers around Stardoll that it is actually quite hard to fathom.

Dictionary definition of Rare:


1. coming or occurring far apart in time

2. thinly distributed over an area; few and widely separated

These items – I believe – are really only branded Rares because of the amount of Stardollars that need to be paid in order to own them which only a selective amount of Stardoll members can afford/are willing to do so. Not because there are so few (I’m discussing the DKNY and such like – not RC which is a different story).

I also believe that even Stardoll could not predict what the release of all these Real Brands and Starbazaar would create in the future.

I’m not telling people they cannot search for rares – I’m only stating that if you are doing it for justified reasons then yeah sure, go ahead. However if you are just looking for something to hang up in your wardrobe and something of a status symbol then I would really think twice if I were you.




Short rant I know, may build it up later but it is 2am in the morning.



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26 responses to “Stardoll “Rare” Clothing is more of Status Symbol?

  1. Liz

    OoOoO A RANT! Yipee :3

    Half of the “rares” I see aren’t even that nice, some are hideous even. I personally don’t really like the scuba dress. It looks like a ugly pink tutu thing with a black line across it – big whoop.
    I used to collect Hotbuys because I felt that it, in a way, made me look “more” of a member. I then realised that all it was doing was draining everything from my pockets and it didn’t change the way people thought of me, let alone how I felt about myself. I decided that I would sell all of the clothing that I knew I wouldn’t wear, and I bought things that I would with that money. Now I don’t get comments say “Wow you have heaps of hotbuys”, but instead “Wow your outfit is really pretty!”. I much rather getting the second – it’s complimenting me, not my items and how much money I’ve spent on them.

    I wish Stardoll would re-release some rares in the Archive, but then idiots who spent all of their money on their own would complain saying that they had payed 5000SD for their skyscraper, only for it to be released for 16 in the Archive.

  2. popcornDaisy

    These “rares” arent rares you can go out into a DKNY store in america and buy Dkny Scuba…. in several different colours… my freind actually had the real pink one.

    Its just a game, me and many other of my online just use Stardoll as an exscape.. Im actually considering leaving… its just getting boring.

    I wish Stardoll could go back to when LE didnt exist and the medoll with the most starpoints only had like 4000 sp. When their were no famous blog like underneath stardoll or stardolls most hated.

    stardoll has just become a website for bitchin at each other and hacking people accounts. Whislt my hearting is breaking for the people in Japan girls on Stardoll are trying to get these virtual rares…. its truly sad, while homeless people live on the street girls spen $60 plus on becoming stardoll roaylty… at 200sp you dont even know what stardoll royalty is…

    personally it sad… i think its okay to become stardoll royalty but you should be buying ss one time at a month …. not wasting your money on a virtual game……

    then there are the girls who use stardol to bully. they make new account and just be bitches. did you know on fanfiction you have to wait like 3 days to post a story and a week to upload a picture…. this is what stardoll should become…. put boundries to new accounts in place so they cant hurt people.

    Im sick of all the crap going on in stardoll .. it makes me disgusted . Cant members just behave.. imagine if the tables were tunred

    i had a nice conversation with carla if nice means a freakin dispression moment of my life….

    sorry if this is a rant im just pissed off

    xxx ooo clary

  3. Laurenhorse

    Yes! A bad day for me and then i see your lil` rant, You’ve made my day much better, Thankies,
    Ive had 3 friends which
    1. give theire password out to get Royalty [she called it loyalty]
    2. change her password to stardoll123 that be a stardoll admin scam.
    3. Gave her PW out for a makeover.
    I told 3 off my friends it was wrong, but it was just dont listen to Lauren,
    Ive been hacked so i know how it feels! I saw i KNOW your going to get hacked, then they do they make up another account BEGGING me to get there main acc back, i say NO i told you but they bag me and say you can have anything you want [horse]
    See i dont like the Brands, sure i buy DKNY and ANITDOTE , but its just if i like them whenever they come out i only buy the things i like, i gotta say i probely buy something from everystore, Im wearing rlea clothers for maybe 6hrs each day, [real clothes not school uniform]
    for 5 days a week then allday for the weekends, so i would rather dress up my Doll and my rabbit [which i did, i didnt take any piccys of the wearing my dads Huge T-shirt and sunglasses which fell off]
    I knwo its an online game but i only log on to talk to my Mates at school, Mates on Stardoll and My-Dads-collegue-[my friend as well]-neice’s which we just found out, so its quite like a meet-up bahaha, also i see boys wearing just pants and then trying to work it on with the ‘ladies’ or also known as ‘virtual dollies’ When they go to school ‘What do you do when you go home?’ ‘I log on a Cartoon website and hit on the dollies’ O.O
    Sorry its long, just had a baaadd day at school ♥ Love you Lelly ♥

    :þ c☼☼☼☼:D

  4. Liz

    I was also going to add that I was looking for the DKNY runway tights and could only find them for 500SD. I then thought “Hey, I wonder how much they are in real life?”, found the DKNY website and found similar, REAL DKNY tights for $15.

    Now if it’s something like $7 for 380 SD, I’d need two lots of that to but the stardoll tights, but I could pay $1 more and get real DKNY tights.I know what I prefer.

  5. dudeyousicks

    i think there should be more free items

  6. ericka

    I wish you could press the rewing button on Stardoll when everything was just to have fun. Hopefully my friends that have a Stardoll account, barely sign in, and it is all about having fun. All my friends were crazy abut somebody being SS so everyone started playing the new dress-up that was just available for SS (it was just 1 year ago). Also, some rares are not even nice. If you could see the same clothes without the tag and in lower prices on the Starplaza, you wouldn’t care even to look at it. If it took just a couple of years for this drama world to appear, I can’t imagine how Stardoll would be later. Neither when there are more members on Stardoll joining this pixel chaos.

  7. Lucy

    I know what you mean, im going to sell all my ugly hot buys, i guess i bought them as a ‘status symbol’ i regret wasting my money on something i didnt even like.

  8. Just reading these comments I can tell that everyone has had their fair share of hiccups with these so-called Rares. Just shows how much of an impact these items have in our little society.


    I still need to check up on those tights haha xD.


    Just by reading your comment I can tell how much you’ve thought about leaving. I wish you would stay but if it’s the best decision for you then it’ll be really sad to see you go. I’ve had my down days on Stardoll where I’m pissed off at the majority off immature members but as time goes by you learn to ignore those people and move on.


    Aww no problem 😉 I hope you’re feeling better today.


    Very bluntly stated – I think everyone can agree with that.


    I completely agree with you there. I wouldn’t give two looks at the Scuba dress if it was in Starplaza none having not been previously released.


    Good luck on selling your ugly Hotbuys. Think carefully when selling items because you may or may not get those back when you realise that you’ve regretted your decision.

  9. Rares; waste of effort to find, waste of money to buy and a waste of time trying to co-ordinate an outfit using them.

    The fact that some “rares” look like paper amuses me. Why pay 500sd + for paper? Last time I checked you could buy a 500 pack of paper for $4.

    What I find even more stupid is when people sell rares for real money through PayPal. Wouldn’t you rather save your money and spend it on your “Real” self rather than spend it on pixels?

    Obviously some members don’t learn. Just because you are “Stardoll Royalty” does not mean you have to have the first of everything that is rare, expensive, a hotbuy, a LE item or an Antidote. It’s not as if you can reach into your virtual wardrobe, pull it out of the screen and wear it. So I wonder, what is the point of spending money on things you don’t need?

  10. ybother45

    Lel, I agree. I have the diamond, and it’s not worth it. I collect DKNY, but only the things I like and will actually put on my doll.

  11. shannay

    this opened my eyes i thought it was a little stupid the whole idea of collecting so called “rares” i actually remember stardoll before it was stardoll when it was paperdoll heaven it was so much better in many different ways this post to ypur blog is an eye opener i started collecting hotbuys because i felt i needed to but now im gunna stop i bought a dress because it was hotbuys but to tell the truth i dont really like it coming to think about it and i mite as well sell it i miss the old stardoll 😦

  12. Melinda

    I completely agree which this topic. It’s insane what people will do for rares! Your money could be better spent than trying to gain acceptance on a website.
    Obviously this situation has taking alot of the fun out of stardoll. When you think about it, I wonder if anyone truly still has genuine fun on stardoll. To me it is just a bunch of stress with all the scamming and hacking. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen on someones presentation: “Report -blank-, because they stole all of my rares or Report -blank-, because she bought my scuba for 0nly 10 sds and won’t give it back!!!”. Then you look at all the arguing in guestbooks over rares and you think: “Why would I ever want to have any of those?”. P.S. I agree with the person above who said the scuba was ugly, it’s hideous!!!

  13. uhhh

    i agree with everything you have said.
    Though one thing is getting to me. The whole “famewhore” thing, you could almost call lady GaGa a fame whore, because she wears weirder outfits all the time to get publicity.
    Rares are a big thing on stardoll, i tend to look away from those. What I find worse is people selling their CG trophies. I believe that would be a good topic on here. I think that people are that desperate for money to by rares and LE, that they blow off something that they earned.

  14. @person above me: I totally agree about the selling CG trophies!! That disgusts me! How could you sell something you worked so hard to earn and even worse, why would anyone buy a trophy that they didn’t earn?!? They’re just being a poser and tryna look like they’re cooler than they are! I asked Lolita about all her trophies and she said she bought almost all of them. “/ I lost respect for her after that!

  15. Kally

    This all kind of disgusts me. I’ve only been on Stardoll two years and I knew what a Scuba was, and I’ve never felt the urge to buy one. I don’t see the appeal. You could design better items. But I have got under the scene of buying every single hotbuy I can… and I don’t even like half of them. I’m currently selling every item of clothing in my Starbazaar, so I can buy prettier, newer clothes too…

    Fluffy.Kitten ❤

  16. Clary

    Lawl. Just read this, saw you replied to me Lel. 🙂

    @Lel: I have my days too but Stardoll is just getting ridiculous. Did you know MSW is coming back next month of the one after that? MSW will porbably force so many mebers to leave. And dear old perilice2 will sure be a contender to win.

    Reading about people selling the CG and NCG trophies ^^^ I bought mine. But my friend was leaving and was like ‘hey, this is as close as your gonna get right?’ so yea I bought.

    When I see elites selling things for 500sd like last season LE i cringe in horror. I would never buy something for that, and when I go and yell at them for selling it for so much they are like ‘ooo its le, so expenxive’. NO ITS FREAKING VIRTUAL CLOTHES!


  17. Tsukutsukuboshi (Rachael)

    Its kinda scary how people spend like 500sd to buy that stuff. As nearly everyone said before me most of the rares are HIDEOUS!!!! I actually (I don’t want criticism for this) don’t think the Scuba is that bad but I would rather get a nice item from Evil Panda or Miss Sixty. Also I’ve heard that the Amyclaire dresses are rare. I have seen them in the starbazzar for like180 sd. I started to collect amyclaire but I thought that I was wasting my money so I sold them (and got a GREAT but ridiculous price for the ones I sold) and kept the ones I like. I’m royalty but I didn’t do it for status, I did it because now there’s basically NOTHING that non superstars can do. I think thats about it!!!!!!
    Rachael (my acc is zenon.333)
    Oh and also Lady GaGa is NOT a famewhore.

  18. friends4ever9

    I agree i have rooms full of rrares i only like few i prefered the old stardoll. on stardoll now every1’s getting so bitchy and stuff the only stuff i would class as rares is young hollywood le and antidote

  19. Jenna

    I agree with you. It’s a waste of your time and your Stardoll money trying to find like a Scuba Dress from DKNY. But my other account has some of the DKNY clothes when they came out. I’m afraid to be hacked with so much DKNY I have so I might as well try and hide it because If you hide it they don’t know that you have any!

  20. Jenny

    I don’t even want any DKNY. I saw someone and they their Scuba away for 500 Stardollars and then another person gave theirs away for 2Starcoins! Some of the DKNY stuff are most horrible. I don’t know why any one would want such horrible collection of clothes that cost 500sd each!

  21. This Is Exactly Right. I Was On Stardoll When It Was Called PaperDollHeaven And All You Did Was Dress Up Celebrities. Then I Made An Account On Stardoll In 2007 And Im Still On It Now Five Years Later. It Really Has Changed Alot As You Have Explained ^ People Dont Dress Up Dolls Anymore, All They Do Is Comment About Their “Sales” On “Rares” And Type In Capslock For You To Vote Them Covergirl. What Will Winning CG Even Achieve Anyways? I’ve Been On Stardoll For Ages & I Havent Won. And I Still Dont Have The Desire To, Im Quite Happy The Way I Am ♥ I Am Royalty Because I Used To Have A Glitch In My Simcard And My Phone, And Buy Lots Of Stardollars Haha.. But Now I Barely Do Because I Dont Fancy Wasting My Money On Virtual Clothing That Doesnt Benefit Me At All In Real Life. I Am Quite Ashamed To Admit I Was Caught Up In The Whole “Rares” Thing A While Back Though. I Spent 500SD On An ELLE Skirt That I Barely Even Wear :/ And I Wonder.. When Stardoll Removes Other Realbrand Stores, Such As Killah, Miss Sixty, & PPQ, Will This Be The Effect It Will Have On The Stardoll Community? People Spending Hundreds, Even Thousands For An Ugly Dress, Or A Plain Black Blazer Just Because They Want To Feel Better Than Everyone Else? I Still Do Have A Wishlist Full Of “Rares” But Only Because I Like The Item, And Know That I Will Wear It. Its Kinda Sad That New Members Of Stardoll Are Introduced To This, And Know Nothing Else Of The Website.
    Thanks For This Post. Its Opened My Eyes Just A Little More 🙂

    Add Me,

  22. @Kryarlah

    I’m in the same boat. Covergirl seems like a burden. The winner has to be scrutinised by the stardoll community to see if he/she was worthy of the trophy.
    It’s a big issue with buying rares and I’m glad you told your story. Some big collectors pay over thousands of stardollars for something like MKA RC clothing or a Lottery Dress in which it maybe quite difficult to compress into a suitabl/varied outfit.
    There’s something about recent real brand stores these days, like they don’t have the same appeal as they did back in the old days. That must just be my point of view.
    I like what you said about how nobody dresses up the dolls anymore. It’s so true! It could also be the fact there’s no variety on Stardoll and other competition (such as Roi-world) do it so much better. However I do believe Stardoll has made the transition through from dress-up site to focussing mostly on user based Medoll work.
    Rares are in some -but not in all – cases are treated like trophies. For new members to gape in awe at their vast quantity of precious jewels. I think it’s very sad that new members will never get to experience Stardoll like it used to be.
    Thanks for the wonderful insight and comment! 🙂

  23. I fall for the bollywood sari top and skirt please inform me on my account called kaxxil i love it so much 😦

  24. Christine

    Omg. Y sell a cg trophy? U work hard for it, then end up regretting it when u get it and sell it? Wow.

  25. millie

    Omg, I must say, i do own rares and i do think some of them are pretty.
    But the most id ever pay for a rare thati absiloutly love is 200sd but I only buy something that big once amonth, if i see something i like, i save up by selling several other rares. But Selling covergirl trophies is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. its disgusting. some people pay 1000’s on there outfit, on advertising and makeup and spend hours telling people to vote, then they sell it for 500sd?

  26. Anonymous

    I learned this the hard way.
    I owned the DKNY Skysvraper, I thought I had it all, a lot of beautiful rares that I liked(nothing I’d never wear) but then 3 months ago I come home to find all my best stuff was gone and my 2500sd was stolen, 4 years of stardoll gone in a matter of hours. I deactivated my account and never looked back since.

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