Stardoll dribbles out more 100 Million Items

This time it is Suite Decorations – Pillows and a Sofa.

I would actually buy the sofa but I’d have to cover the 100 Million logo with cushions or something of the sort – it’s very distracting. As for the pillows, the two round ones are just okay – the Purple rectangular one reminds me of one the pillows from the Holiday Calendar from last year.

As for the prices – not too bad but Stardoll could have made them a lot cheaper. I hope on the day that we do reach 100 Million members that Stardoll will give us freebies. When I mean freebies I’m talking about more than just a logolised T-shirt and other junk that we always receive.

Just another 1,491,319 members to go (As of 11:46pm GMT).





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5 responses to “Stardoll dribbles out more 100 Million Items

  1. Laurenhorse

    Ughh, stupid SD they’re getting greedier and greedier.


  2. Sabrina

    I really don’t like how Stardoll is writting 100 million all over everything. I think its kind of tacky and ugly. I wouldn’t mind one free shirt that said that. But making you pay for somthing that says 100 million all over it. Really Stardoll. -.-‘

  3. jai

    this is so stupid

  4. @Jai

    Ah the irony – just after I posted my assumptions post hah.

  5. millie

    Lol were at

    Members right now
    08:37 06/08/2012


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