Stardoll Make-up Tips Part 2

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5. Fake Lash Tricks

Usually adding accessories can make or break a make-up look. On one hand, it could really add a little more to the make-up – drawing attention to the eyes and creating a focus. On the other hand, it could draw the attention from the main focus and look far too much and the Medoll face will become a little too heavy for the eyes. Some can pull this off, others just need a little touch up here and there.

Starting with a simple eye-shadow. Then we add thin fake lashes to create a noticeable eyelid crease. Then we have the  I’ve-overdone-on-eyelashes look. Finally we have the I’ll-just-stick-these-extremely-thick-fake-lashes-just-to-add-something.

How to Fix this Problem

If you want your eye-shadow to be the main focus, then obviously just do not cover it up. If you do not own any Mascaras and want to add some lash length or volume, I would suggest you purchase the thin fake lashes from Spectacular which only cost 3 Stardollars, rather than purchase the Thick Fake Eyelashes and just plainly stick them onto your Medoll.

Personally I would go with the natural lashes look, the thick fake lashes just do not fit those eyes. I can understand why the majority of suites I visit and somebody isn’t wearing make-up and are just wearing Thick False Lashes. If you want to bring lots of focus on your eyes and do not own any make-up, what I would advise is to purchase Beauty Marks and create a make-shift eyeliner and then purchase two or three fake lashes.

You could create this look into something more dramatic by purchasing a few more Beauty Marks I only used nine) or the Medium Fake Lashes.

2. Preparation

Sometimes it is just not possible to create a new make-up look wearing a certain hairstyle. What I usually do when I begin to create any make-up look is to change the hairstyle to something short or that keeps the hair out of the eyes then at the end I will change the hairstyle. Nobody could create winged eye-shadow while working with these hairstyles

As this happens . .

(My attempt of creating a wing using one of the above hairstyles)

That was just an extreme example.

How to Fix this Problem/Difficulty

Simply – before you begin – change the hairstyle to a short/clear cut.

May not look attractive at first but trust me – it helps a bunch.

3. Suiting the hairstyle to the make-up look

Following on from the Preparation hairstyle, also find the right hairstyle for your make-up. I sometimes see this happening . .

If you have created a perfectly good wing then don’t cover it, flaunt it.

How to Fix this Problem

Simply change the hairstyle to something that shows off the eye-shadow shape/design.

4. One/Two Eye-shadow Dilemma

I get a lot of requests to create a video with less make-up as people cannot afford all the make-up I use in the majority of tutorials. I’ve been working on this for time now, hopefully you can see in my newest tutorials that I’m trying to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Well this is what I see around Stardoll a lot.


Let us make this a little bit more interesting.

How to Fix this Problem

Okay now take a look at this. When you click on your eye-shadow and apply it to your eye you can build up the intensity or opacity of the eye-shadow. You can use this to your advantage with just using one eye-shadow or two. Here I am going to develop these 3 looks just by playing with the opacity of the eye-shadows.

Dark Eye-shadow

What I cannot stress enough to people is that when creating a dark make-up look you do not need to use Black for everything. Add hints of purple, violets, navy, pinks – any colour really if you own two eyeshadows. Although for this look – we are going to stick to the one Black.

Blue Eye-shadow

From what I have seen, Blue seems to be the most popular coloured eye-shadow (apart from White and Black).

Black and White Eye-shadow

It doesn’t just have to be two block colours – make it a little more interesting by blending the two together.

I know the majority of this post is about accessories/hairstyles but I believe it is better to start from the basics and work our way up. I hope people find these little tips helpful in some way. Please not these are not my laws or rules, I’ve just been making tutorials for over two years now and I have wee small things that I’ve learned by myself and I’d just like to pass the knowledge on – just little tips. I’m not telling that you can’t wear one block eye-shadow, I’m just showing my way of making it a little different.



P.S Also I’d like to add, all these Medolls that I have included – I used in my own Suite and I created those Medolls myself in my own Beauty Parlor.



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