Starplaza – Windows of the World

Thank you Stardoll!

Remember every month where Stardoll would create two outfits based on one country? Well they have brought all these (or the majority) clothes back and to the Windows of the World store. I was actually going to buy the Black Lace Inspired by Eva Minge top for 21 Stardollars yesterday – phew I got out of that one.

Some items are available to purchase for Non-Superstars.

Along with the outfits, Stardoll have added the mini statuettes.

I hope in the future we can see more Eastern Asian countries such as China and Japan – I’d love to own a modernised Kimono.

Any specific country in the world that you would like to see in the Windows of the World Store?





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2 responses to “Starplaza – Windows of the World

  1. Italy, and Australia. The Australia Day shop was way off, everything was sparkly, but aussies don’t have traditional clothes as such.

  2. ericka

    I like the fact that Stardoll made some items for non-SS. I’ll like to see France, Italy, and India. ♥

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