Spring Surprises


These are the gifts I have received:

*There was also an Anchor Bag which I forgot to include and also another item*

I also received a couple of diamonds.

My favourite items would be the Futuristic Vest, Bow Wedges and Floral Embroidered Purse. Receiving 25 gifts just for spending 20 Stardollars? Not too bad. I wouldn’t spend 20 Stardollars just to receive the gifts but it is a wee small treat when you actually want had to buy something. It was a pain though, clicking on all those gift boxes.

Somehow I think there was some glitch, according to the newsletter we were only supposed to receive one gift – yet I have received all 25 in one go. I can just imagine – all the gifts being removed from my Suite and also from others because Stardoll messed up again.





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16 responses to “Spring Surprises

  1. Renee:)

    I think it’s a good deal,unless you don’t get all gifts… Hehe.

  2. .Anti.Dot.

    I spent almost all my stardollars (more than 20) and I didn’t get any…
    maybe not yet.
    Well, one more little change. Go to clubs and friends, then on the bar, where it says “Friends” click it. The side of a friend. Way bigger.

  3. Sabrina

    Did they count the money from yesterday? I wasted most of my stardollars on LE.

  4. Sabrina

    Its still glitched >:] Yay! I got all 25 items!

  5. Sabrina

    Edit: I got 6 of them.
    I think the money spent on the LE counted, when you spent 20 sd, you got all the gifts you have earned so far. Since I spent like 100 yesterday on LE and 20 today, I got 6 gifts. So maybe its not a glitch.

  6. selenawavaa

    I spent a little more than 20 and only got one of the gifts. :/

  7. I got all the items. I guess some of them are nice.

  8. Turns out Stardoll count the LE Decor so that is probably why I received all the gifts in one go.

  9. hey,
    i got the blue and red sandles!!! i never knew i spent 20 sd on nything. :O omg.
    thx for showing me whatelse i might gett 🙂

  10. Where do the diomonds appear? I haven’t seen any. . .

  11. The diamonds appear next to your wardrobe but they might have not appeared if you haven’t spent all of the required stardollars.

  12. Luvsmiggle64

    Which is the first one???

  13. @luvsmiggle64

    The gifts are given out at random so there is no first one =)

  14. Are the diamonds underneath our furniture?? I spent like 1200 stardollars this week lol. I got all the gifts and the 5sd reward. I’m sure I have them but I don’t see them anywhere.

  15. ελω να μου στιλετε πολλα δωρα.

  16. θελω να μου στιλεται πολλα δωρα!!!!!!!!!!!!!!