“LE Decor” Spoilers

Here is just a sneak peak of the spoilers, you can find the rest on the major blogs of Stardoll.

Mmmm Hot chocolate . . . although no chocolate sprinkles?

Some people claim that the logo was edited and this is not the next LE collection while others say that it is the next collection as Antidote furniture is not imprinted with the logo. No conformation has been posted whether or not this is the next Limited Edition but in all honesty, I hope it’s not.

It is all very sleek and modern but it seems very mismatched, there is no reoccurring theme here. I was looking through the spoilers and I couldn’t find the LE Decor logo that everyone has posted.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Although I love the two interiors but if this is the next LE collection, I wonder how much these items will be priced at.



P.S. When I said I did badly in my mock exams, well that’s untrue. Just got my results today for Chemistry and Modern Studies, two 1’s for each. A 1 is the highest mark you can achieve so yeah, I’m a happy bunny ^-^. Some advice – taking time off of Stardoll to revise for exams really helps ;).



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5 responses to ““LE Decor” Spoilers

  1. Liz

    Told you that to were too smart for B’s ;D
    Spoilers look like chicken shit.

  2. This has nothing to do with this post, but the blue dress that was free yesterday (and the day before) is now 14sd. Once it’s sell-able in Starplaza, I will sell it cheap (like 4sd) to anybody that wants it 🙂

    xx. Rosie

  3. Sara

    Good Job Lel :), and I wonder what would happen if there was no more LE fashion sotre, and only a LE Decor shop, I wonder how many people would be getting scammed then 😐

  4. Laurenhorse


  5. Laurenhorse

    LEL’S DECOR’S OUT X] yay

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