Limited Edition – I did something really stupid. Inflation of prices!

Probably when you read the first two words of my title you got a little excited. My apologies – the spoilers have not yet appeared so therefore the Limited Edition collection isn’t on the cards yet. If the spoilers are released on Sunday, most likely they collection will be released Monday/Tuesday as everyone is expecting.

Well last night, I bought an item that I have been searching for a long time and it was only recently that Stardoll made it available to sell in Starbazaar (previously it was only the Lip Print leggings you could only sell).

The original price for this was 95 stardollars. I was searching through Starbazaar search for over an hour – after I realised all the Limited Edition items could be sold – and this was the cheapest price I could find this item for. Others were all 500 stardollars so I just settled for this. Worth it? No, not at all. It was only until I did a little math sum that I realised how much of an idiot I had been.

443/95 x 100 = 466

That was a massive 466% rise. Before anyone asks yes you can have over 100 percent, 400 percent just means four times the price – basically.

I truly regret buying the item but I remember when a previous LE collection was released and I missed it. I saw the Lily Vest in Starbazaar search a couple of months ago and I was debating on whether or not to buy it and decided not to and I deeply regretted that decision to this day – I really love that item.

That was just for a Limited Edition item. Imagine the price rise for classic “rares” such as the DKNY Scuba and Skyscraper.

Absolutely crazy and ridiculous. In my eyes, Stardoll should really create a Maximum and Minimum price list for Starbazaar items – like Runescape. The prices fluctuate depending on how well they were sold/bought for in the previous day. Sort of like a stock exchange. As well as create a safe trading centre/feature – again like Runescape. Although create time limits for protection against hackers – just say you could only trade one item every 4 hours or so.

Dammit, I paid over 2 million for my abyssal whip at the time. Thankfully I do not play Runescape any more.Phew.

Well at least I learnt something from this – save your Stardollars for the next LE collection and make sure you get there on time or else you’ll pay the price on paying so much for an item – just because you got there a little too late.






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5 responses to “Limited Edition – I did something really stupid. Inflation of prices!

  1. I just wouldn’t buy with such haste. Look quietly until you find it for an acceptable price. I got the loophole tank for just 175% of the initial price after looking for a little while.

  2. popcornDaisy

    This is ridicolous I sell all my items for the original price and they sell within the hour.

    But consider this what if someone is selling DKNY Scuba for 2500 and the person buying has paid all up to the 2000 sd and someone else is prowling through the bazzar and see’s the dress for 500sd. They will buy it. Stardoll needs asafe trading zone.

    In the Stardoll Royalty club they have a topic called suggestions for stardoll. Reading through it you can not imagine how many times people have asked for a safe tradingzone.

    Its truly sad with hackers and all. But I can not be helped.

  3. Liz

    I’m a tight ass so of course I’d never go over 300 SD, unless it was some ultra super epic special item that I had to have xD.

  4. runescapepking

    I know, Runescape inflation is out of this world, too. What’s your RS name?

    Meili’s Runescape Blog – The Runescape Wilderness

  5. RoseeApple

    I totally agree, but when you see something that you love you really cant get over that temptation to buy it. :L

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