New Beauty Parlor Feature- Skin tone Slider

Thankfully – more versatility on Stardoll. Sadly it’s only available to Superstars. Another ploy to get members to purchase Superstar membership?

The skin shades are realistic and I think this is a great feature overall – not everybody can fit into the six selected skin tones. I have to ask this question: Why Superstars only?

Surely this feature should have been made available to Non-Superstars as well? Why should people have to pay to make their Medolls a little extra “prettier”. Yes, we pay for extra benefits but I believe that this feature should not be a part of those. Stardoll has stuck to these six skin tones ever since Medoll’s were first introduced to the dress-up site, surely after all this wait and anticipation, everyone would be able to have the chance to use the variety of skin tones on their own Medoll.

Next thing you know, Stardoll will be introducing new eye colours for Royalty only.

I don’t want to sound so negative, I really do love this new update (Sad thing is I really want to create a tutorial now – exams are more important at the end of the day), I just want to question why Stardoll are really limiting experience for less fortunate members. I understand the way Stardoll works – it is a business, only there to make money. I just don’t see why this feature should be used by Superstars only, nothing that special.





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5 responses to “New Beauty Parlor Feature- Skin tone Slider

  1. Renee:)

    It is true that Superstar do deserve there part in this,because they do pay..but,didn’t stardoll realize that this is kind of ridiculous to make the Skin Slider for SS?I personally think,it could have been something for non-ss as well.Just show’s how much they *really* care for non-ss :/

  2. Chargergirlsky

    I personally love this new addition! 🙂 I have been hoping for something like this since I joined! The skin color’s before were definitely not me! Now, I can adjust to match!
    Renee:)- I agree something so small is just for superstars? Thats not cool! They are adding more stuff like this for the superstars because they think more people will sign up and they will get money out of this. Isn’t that ridiculous? but, that is simply the answer for everything such as prices going up and only superstar additions. ;(

  3. Sol

    Quality information, good page layout, continue the good work

  4. Liz

    My lifelong dream has come true, thank you Stardoll ^_^

  5. SassyMamma11

    Yanno whatI discovered? The basic black bras don’t fit the new skin colorsXD So now you go with the basics or you go bralessXD they gotta fix that.

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