23 Stardollars for a Granny-like dress?

I’m sure if you accessorise it correctly or layer this dress it will look pretty decent, but on its own – just not seeing it.

Hotbuys prices are rocketing, how much are we going to be paying for one item by the end of this year? Hotbuys collectors probably spend more than 200 Stardollars a month trying to buy every piece.





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30 responses to “23 Stardollars for a Granny-like dress?

  1. kk

    stop fucking making fron of grannys btch something is rong with u get a fucking like hoe!!!!

  2. kk

    im sorry i ment get a fucking LIFE HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You don’t think I know who you are?
    Absolute idiotic behaviour. You’re the one who needs to get a grip here kid.
    You’re twelve years old, go do something creative with your time instead of trolling online
    You stupidly posted another comment a while back with your Stardoll name begging for free stardollars.
    I’m guessing you were the imbecile who created that fake account and wrote a disgusting message on my Guestbook.
    If you don’t want to read what I have to say then don’t visit my blog.
    I hope you don’t speak to your parents with that mouth.

  4. skittleskiss

    how can you tell its her? Just wondering

  5. @skittlekiss

    Comment history under the same name with the same terrible spelling and other administration stuff I am allowed to view that you’s can’t see.


  7. CocoPie111

    I think that’s real pointless, you know- buying an ugly dress for $23 and its not even cute :\

  8. Sabrina

    I think you meant: Stop making fun of grannys. Bitch! Something is wrong with you! Get a fucking life hoe!

    I mean honestly if your going to bitch someone out at least do it with class, and correct spelling and punctuation. Wow, people these days. You need to learn how to write.

    Lmfao. Thats the one thing I can’t stand. Incorrect spelling, well I don’t mind if its a little off its the ‘u’ ‘lyk’ ‘rong’ ‘btch’ ect. that really bugs me. O:)

    But any ways you honestly have no life if your here posting hate on someones blog. I would suggest a new hobby like knitting with your grammy since you love grandmas so much.

  9. @Lel (first comment)

    Am I the only person who wasn’t a fricking little brat when they were 12???)

    xx. Rosie (havn’t talked to you in ages!!)

  10. skittleskiss

    @ Rosie I know right! I wasn’t!

  11. Seriously guys, stop fighting, at least not on a decent post, I admit it the dress is cute without the purple, I hardly disagree that it’s granny-ish

  12. Lucy

    i hope stuff like this isn’t going to be in that clothing range of stardoll’s :s

  13. Arry

    That is just a ridiculous price to pay for an ugly dress. I don’t see anyone buying that item, except obsessive hot buy’s collectors.

    @KK & UnknownUser I think it is likely that you are the same person.

    @Rosie I’m not even 12 yet, but when I am, don’t think I’d ever behave like her.

  14. Liz

    The style and shape of the dress is horrid. I love the pattern and colour scheme although the graphics suck – I could do better then that.

    @KK: Your life must really suck if you have to resort to bringing down others that you don;t even know to have “fun”.

    Please leave Lel alone, I ‘m pretty damn sure I know exactly who you are.

    Lizluz in a shitty mood because her Mum is nagging her to get off the computer although she really doesn’t want to as her friends are getting harassed by imbeciles who need their asses kicked.

  15. Laurenhorse

    Are the IP’s the same as kk and un-known user the same?
    And i got another simular post like that on my blog. Could you give me the IP so I can see the IP on my comment? Also I know there E-mail address 😀

  16. Laurenhorse



  17. Agh I’m not at home at the moment- I’m on my BlackBerry right now. Hopefully after History revision I’ll log in and check the skin tones out. Thanks for letting me know.
    Sorry but I won’t give out someone’s personal e-mail address or IP address. Breach of privacy.
    Yes they are similar but that’s all I’m saying.
    Doesn’t really matter, if kids want to waste their time picking on me then so be it.

  18. Renee:)

    Err,that dress is just so repugnant,and on top of that,they want us to pay 23 stardollars for that crap?Huh,stardoll must be in lala land if they think we’re going yo pay that much for something that repulsive.Hmph -_-

  19. Renee:)

    *to instead of yo 🙂

  20. CocoPie111


    Get a life. Why do you gotta harsh everyone’s mood with your comments. Just more shit for Lel. Jesus, Stop it, Damn.

  21. .Anti.Dot.

    That dress is not at all worth it! This is the most disappointing hotbuys! And did you see that there are new superstar skin tones?!?!

  22. .Anti.Dot.

    And, they got they showed the March Hot Buys! They don’t look disappointing especially that blouse! I love it!

  23. _Rainbow_XD_

    Thats the bad thing about being a hotbuys collector, buying overpriced ugly items before they are even worth something!

  24. @kk Do you not have better things to be doing than to be harassing Lel? What has she ever done to you? Let’s face it, you’ll not get her down. By reading these comments, I can see that Lel has a great network of friends that will back her up, including me. Please just stop this childish behaviour, thanks.

    @Lel I completely agree with you. The HotBuys, in my opinion are getting worse and worse as the months go buy. They are far from glamourous these days. The March HotBuys are not much better.

  25. @KK
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    You’re just making all 12-yr-olds seem like dicks.
    It’s just a select few.

  26. Hip-Isac-Kah2

    I have one question. How do I download pictures from Stardoll, as this should be? (using Goggle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Exploler) And please excuse the accuracy of this issue. Maybe it’s wrong – neuím very good English:)

  27. Yuck, that dress is horrid, and the price is ridiculous! Some people, may like it, but I don’t, my opinion though, so yeahh!

  28. I think, maybe a shorter dress would look better, and some other colours. I don’t know though!

  29. They had the guts to do it!! superstars have to pay $120 for a dress!! omg noo!!! and it’s not even that cute! Plus the cute things are getting way too expensive!

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