New Stardoll Store – Evening Falls

I find all these items absolutely gorgeous.

You can find the store under the Decor Tab in Starplaza or click the link below:

You can also find these items in SuiteShop under Decor and Evening Falls – how convenient.

The Demon Angel Statues totally remind me of those scary Angels from Doctor Who, if you blink they’ll transport you into another time zone/dimension – scariest Doctor Who alien around. Definitely not going to be seeing those in my Suite . . .

Favourite items have to be the Clock Window and Staircase. I wish the Lace Interior was released.

UPDATE: The interiors have been released in Suiteshop

Majority of items are for Superstars although items such as several Teacups,Lanterns and Candles are available for Non-Superstars to purchase.

I really dislike decorating my Suite, I prefer buying clothes and accessories – I may wait until this season’s Limited Edition has been released. Saving pennies.






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9 responses to “New Stardoll Store – Evening Falls

  1. Renee:)

    I like them,but quite a few of them are expensive :/

  2. CocoPie111

    Its Okay 🙂

  3. .Anti.Dot.

    I love the clock window and the stairs too! But, they are expensive! I also love the floating candles! When I become SS again, I am totally getting some of these things and decorate a room with some of the items 🙂

  4. popcornDaisy

    Me saving too > btw carla darlings back

  5. palmtree973

    Wow, I loveeeeeeee this storeeee, its amazingggggg, i cant wait to buy some of these items, and i will make a whole new room just for this… soon …. so when is le coming out? i cant waittt 😛

  6. Lucy

    love it but some of its a bit expensive. I agree with lel on the bit about the angel, spooky.

  7. morphine through your veins.

    I love this shop >:
    I have no money > sad )::

  8. Renee

    All my Stardoll dreams have come true! It’s perfect!!!

  9. Krisi.Stardoll

    I want the white wolf\

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