Serious Hotbuys Over-pricing

They still haven’t fixed the sandals and now they’re pricing a small Hotbuys top for 16 Stardollars.






I never knew Stardoll updated the Beauty Parlor again 0.0

Far too much spacing<more time to load<I hate it.



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27 responses to “Serious Hotbuys Over-pricing

  1. Sabrina

    I don’t get stardolls all the sudden need to update everything. Alot of what they are doing is making it more difficult to use stardoll.

    Also they just fixed the top designer page thing, after like 2 months.

  2. Chargergirlsky

    ugh i just started collecting hot buys and now i dont want to because of all the overpricing ;/ Wanna know why they are over pricing? so people can spend all there money and when they have no more left, they are going to purchase more stardollars. thats they only explanation.

  3. Chargergirlsky


  4. effie

    hey, I’m a new reader on the blog.
    I totally agree for the overpricing, but I also have a comment for the stardoll admins and page designers: they do so many mistakes and there are so many holes in the system generally! 40sd for a pair of shoes? hacking accounds? graphic disasters? server problems? for god’s sake, we are supposed to pay for this, at least make it more safe!

  5. Lucy

    I agree with Chargergirlsky because even though they might think we will buy more stardollars we probably won’t as when we buy them we will spend them straight away so no point in buying.

  6. CocoPie111

    $40 for shoes? Haha Sike. Like SD is seriously over pricing stuff. What a waste of 40 bucks to buy shoes—and they’re not even HB. And $16 for a tiny little HB shirt? Stardoll needs to fix this. If its a glitch then its okay. But if that’s their serious price-Not okay and needs to be fixed.

    Tsk tsk tsk, Stardoll.

  7. Glittagal799

    I know right?? Last year in Feb the HotBuys used to be like 6-14 sd, now it’s like 10-18sd!!! And for the Beauty Parlour, all the spacing SUCKS.

  8. SparklyIloveme a stardoll makeover for lel1996 x

    i totally agree, i can’t afford to keep buying stardollars because they get spent in like half an hour, less if im buying hotbuys because everything so overpriced, i remember back when i started on stardoll in 2006 that most items cost less than ten stardollars and now they are regularly over 20.

  9. Renee:)

    Wow,16 sd’s just for a top.Hmm.Plus they haven’t changed the price of the sandals.I am certainly not buying those.

  10. Arry

    Seriously. That is just – Greedy. How much money do they want? Stupid Stardoll. “To be clever enough to get all the money, one must be stupid enough to want it.”

  11. Liz

    And people wonder why I don’t collect these things anymore.
    Half the stuff was mildly unnattractive anyways, hence I’m planning to sell some of them. ;D

  12. Stardoll needs to fix up some stuff like really there just shoes and we’re gonna spend 40 sd just for some shoes that are just hotbuys wow . Thats wasting alot of money >:P

  13. Lucy

    I totally agree that these are way over-priced items. I mean, if you look back the better looking items were actually cheaper.

  14. Niki__x

    It’s okay now because they changed the price to 4. But for the t-shirt it is far too over priced. I think a few collectors would think twice about buying this months collection

  15. Lucy

    I’m glad that they have changed the prices back, well anyway they are still not that attractive. 😉

  16. Laurenhorse

    Thought I should tell you some updates, Where our presentaitons are and I have a white background With blue dots, and before the acutsal background was white, but now it is a greyish-blueish colour. and also when you reply to guestbook messgaes its a smaller space to reply to – Bit weird but if you have google chrome you can just make it bigger (Un-like me) I would not advise google chrome though.

  17. Laurenhorse

    also BestFriend’s list is muddled up, some people are on it twice and somepeople are not on there :S Stardoll is messing up BIG TIME!

  18. oh yay the shoes are 4sd now =]

  19. Jennifer

    the shoes are 4 now !

  20. To be honest, I hate every single hotbuy this month except the shoes, bag and the strawberry top. Everything else is so ridiculously over priced. I’ll be sure to NOT buy anything this month

  21. Lucy

    gosh. what are stardoll up to these days? Is it just plain lazyness?

  22. now the sandals are 4 sd, oh and i bought just 2 hotbuys and it cost like 30-40 sd! I also dont like luxe a lot because dot is much cheaper!

  23. they fixed the shoes to 4sd rather than 40sd, thats good but that top is so expensive, i never buy hotboys cos of that price =[

  24. SparklyIloveme

    a new hotbuy has come out for 23 STARDOLLARS!!! its crazy how expensive things are now :@

  25. ericka

    We’ll see those shoes soon on Starbazaar at 60sd. Stardoll is making items more expensive every time and they keep increasing the Superstar membership every time. At least, in my country.:/

  26. erika

    Look for medoll doll mirka02 !!very nice

  27. naitsirhc101

    The quality of hotbuys is terrible these days. Stardoll are not putting in enough effort anymore…

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