Would you buy this?

Just another error? Similar to the one we witnessed during Palazzo’s first launch (The sign was priced at 123 Stardollars, next day it was reduced to 10). Or is this just evidence that prices are really shooting up in Starplaza?

Hopefully Stardoll will fix this small hiccup by tomorrow, I can imagine some users actually buying those.





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2 responses to “Would you buy this?

  1. ericka

    I would not buy that and, the best thing is that it is also for non-SS. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. If you have not notice, the voting designs tab was already fixed. (:

  2. Renee:)

    Pretty sure that’s a glitch.I mean I know stardoll is going a little crazy with the prices,but this is outrageous.Haha 😀

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