Suite Improvements.

Posted on the Official Stardoll Blog:

We’ve now made it easier to store and access your items by  fully integrating the storage function into your Suite.

  • Fliptastic! Effortlessly flip through easy-to-view sections. Interior items, furniture, clothing and accessories.
  • No clutter. No limits. No waiting! (now loads faster if you have lots of items in your storage).
  • Snap! Drag fashion directly onto your MeDoll with the correct scale.
  • Easier being green! Drag items directly from storage to recycle.
  • Sweeter Suite experience! We won’t bore you with the nerdy details, but we’ve made a ton of technical improvements to make your gameplay easier and smoother.


I’m not very impressed by all these updates, being honest here but all that is evident to me is the faster speed of the storage loading. When they mention the items being dragged onto your Medoll and “snapping” into the right size – well I thought this already existed?


After such a long time I have finally cleared up my friends list although I still have a long way to go. After four years on Stardoll I’d collected 22 pages of friends, hardly any of which I ever talked to. Sorry if I removed people who I shouldn’t have, I was in a rush trying to get through all the pages as I had just only a few minutes left to spare after finishing my essay. I’ll hardly be on Stardoll for long periods of time so it doesn’t really matter, sorry if that sounds harsh or cruel but Stardoll isn’t one of my main priorities any more.






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3 responses to “Suite Improvements.

  1. Laurenhorse

    ‘■Easier being green! Drag items directly from storage to recycle.’

    Suddenely Recycling on a on-line game will help the real world :S

  2. Ellie

    yeah,it’s a virtaul world didn’t think u needed to recycle so stardoll how does recycling on a gaming site gonna help?But also i have to say you don’t get much room in your first room u get like i’ve got lots of items i want to put someware but i dont really want to change all my suite I wanted to get that valintines suite to make it into a stage because i have got prop-like items that (i totally don’t know what the valinetines suite had to do with suite improvements!)so maybe the suites could be more roomy and longer has anyone else noticed how small the suite rooms are

  3. Renee:)

    @Laurenhorse-Lol 🙂
    And,I honestly don’t feel a difference.Hey,at least stardoll is trying to do something.Heh.

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