Luxe Offer

Stardoll up to it’s old ways, first the Heart Shop Interior (Which everyone has amazingly received on the day Stardoll promised) and now this. I hope we don’t see any more of these deals in the future – but it’s likely that we will.

Just managed to sneak onto the internet while drafting my History essay. I’ve received quite a few Guestbook comments, it’s getting difficult in replying to everyone so I’ve closed my Guestbook to friends only. I hope people can understand, but I accept the majority of friend requests anyways. I just don’t like receive so many “5/5” comments from strangers several times a day. I’ll try to everyone messages/guestbook comments/youtube comments/blog comments this weekend when I find the time.





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3 responses to “Luxe Offer

  1. ericka

    Typical of Stardoll but, when you see it in other way, it is really useful if you are going to buy the membership and get the lipstick free.♥ (:

  2. Ellie

    Nice orangy lipstick not lovin the yellow although i know a few members of stardoll that wear this.I think if stardoll what non-superstars to buy membership for a year then they should lower down the awful price it’s £30 (or something like that) it’s pricey

  3. Lucy

    I totally forgot about this offer and went and bought some stardollars, not expecting these in my beauty parlor. I love the pink/orange one but I’m not so fond of the green/yellow one, it’s a bit bright for my style.

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