Stardoll coming to the Real World soon . .

Thank gosh I live nowhere near a JCP store.

“The first Stardoll collection to launch exclusively at JCPenney will feature a mix of trendy apparel and accessories for girl’s sizes 7-16. The price range is pretty reasonable from $11.99 – $23.99. Girls will dress their avatars, and then purchase their outfit online or at the retail store.”

So will we be seeing this advertised all around the Stardoll site during Summer before everyone heads back to school? I’d love to see what these are items look like, I hope they aren’t as trashy and cheap-looking as some of the Stardoll branded clothes online.

What do you think about this? Should Stardoll just stick to being pixellated and online?



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14 responses to “Stardoll coming to the Real World soon . .

  1. Liz

    Thank god we don’t even have JCP in Australia. And if there are any JCP’s, I live 6 hours away so I’m relieved.

    I think this whole “Bringing Stardoll to the real world” is too far. I like it as the site it is, not all of this external marketing crap. As soon as this and the dolls are released, the amount if Stardoll members will skyrocket.

  2. Sara

    Sorry I am a little comfused, is JCP working w/ stardoll to release a new line for Fall 2011 or is Stardoll no going to be free anymore. Because I am just comfused.

    And also Stardoll should stay the way it is, it
    ss just a kids website, and what if this is fake, like with that Disney Doll crap some kid pulled a few weeks back…

  3. @Liz

    Good point, I can’t imagine how many members we would have by then – probably over 100 million. Never really heard of JCP store before Stardoll, I’m sure there has been campaign before for the US members.


    Basically Stardoll is teaming up with a Clothing Store – JCP to create and release Back-to-School clothing for this Summer 2011. Stardoll is still going to be free ^-^

  4. Sara

    thank you, that releived some stress off my back.
    And din’t they team up with JCP last year? Around august or something because I remember ther was this JCP Teen store in the Starplaza

  5. Liz

    I also can’t imagaine all of the crap I would cop for wearing a Srardoll branded top… Hopefully the tops won’t have the brand name stuck all over them. :/

  6. Laurenhorse

    Another scam to get money :L

  7. Ellie

    @ liz
    your right i hope it wont be covered in the stardoll logo.Mabe they might put some of the top designs we make on design and sell that’d be good

  8. Renee:)

    Woahhh 0.0 hopefully my mom isn’t all “Renee,isn’t this adorable,you should buy some!!”Gosh,really stardoll?Lmao 🙂

  9. Sara

    =It would be a good idea if Stardoll had a contest, a design contest, and the winning design[s] would get you know, into this deal[sorry I couldn’t find a better way to put that.] It would help Stardoll not to put their logo all oer a Tee SDhirt or hoodie -.-

  10. Chargergirlsky

    @Sara- That’s an awesome idea! I would like that.

    Sadly, I live close by JCP ugh I hate that store! It’s kinda like Macy’s but the clothes look CHEAP. I hate that store…. Why stardoll…WHY?!

  11. Renee B

    Hm.. I have never come across a JCP, and I’ve visited almost all the Aussie states. But seriously, Stardoll CLOTHES??? That’s way to far. Do they seriously think we’d wear Pretty in Pink or Evil Panda in real life? The clothes are very exaggerated, and only look godd on medolls, and some of them can’t pull them off.

    Basically, to be blunt, that’s the gayest idea I’ve ever heard.

  12. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a top that says STARDOLL across the front. Hell to the naw!!!

  13. Well, the Jcp store was released in Stardoll today, the clothes are pretty girly and something you would see on an 8 yr old

  14. I seen them 0.0 They’re nice, okay at the least but probably aimed towards the younger generation of Stardoll.

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