Updated Starplaza and Beauty Parlor

I know this is old news – it was updated a couple of days ago but I may as well post it now.

Looks a lot smarter and sleeker. I love how the Sephora products look now in the updated Beauty Parlor, plus it is a lot easier with stackable items now in our Accessory area. Not sure why Stardoll updated the Starplaza – I thought it was fine, although I know a lot of people who found those three girls with the shopping bags annoying.





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4 responses to “Updated Starplaza and Beauty Parlor

  1. .Anti.Dot.

    I love all the updates, really surprising they changed both things. And those three girls did get annoying, having bags with the store name on them, some that weren’t even in Starplaza!

  2. Sabrina

    I like the new Beauty Parlor updates, but I can’t stand the new Starplaza I don’t like how you have to drag items the items to your cart if you didn’t want the item you would just remove it. I also don’t like the fact that the new clothes arn’t on the side because if you want to try the clothes on your doll it covers up the rest of the clothes an when you move the clothes out of the dressing room area it takes a second for it to close.

  3. .Anti.Dot.

    I agree with that, the new look is okay, but the buttons everywhere is going to take time to get used to!

  4. ericka

    Completely agreed with .Anti.Dot.

    Also, I think it is much easier to shop and drag things in Beauty Parlor.

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