Feeling Unwell.

I was looking forward into adding new posts today but I have caught a cold that’s going round my friends at school. Sadly mine has gotten worse throughout the day so I will not be posting or logging into Stardoll today. As much as I want to apologise for this – I can’t help being ill.
I mentioned to everyone about a Valentine’s Make-up Tutorial, not looking great so far- I’ve been notified at school of upcoming tests and assessments which will be held next week and I want to use my entire weekend to revise (hopefully I’ll be feeling better by then).
Also I’d like to give out a little warning to whoever posted that comment on my Your Views page here on my blog – I know who you are and how you tried to frame somebody else. If you don’t like reading my blog or you don’t like me personally then you shouldn’t contact me or read my blog in the first place. I don’t quite understand what I have ever done to you- I barely even talk to you on Stardoll. So you can stop with your fake accounts posting on my Guestbook and get a grip of yourself. Next time if I see one of your accounts on my guestbook or one of your comments on my blog I will reveal to everyone who you are – I have hard evidence and I’d be happy to post it for everyone to view.
Hate to add this but my life is perfectly fine- Stardoll isn’t an escape for me, just an entertaining game.
I don’t see why you just can’t admit you don’t like me or my blog using your main account – kind of obvious it is you and it’s silly to keep hiding behind your terribly made fake accounts.
Also I think you’re the one who needs a break off of Stardoll if all you seem to do is create fake accounts almost every week just to post in my Stardoll guestbook to tell me how ugly and stupid I am. I’d happily let this all go if you would leave me and my blog alone – I won’t say anything to anyone and I won’t post the evidence.
Still not sure why you tried to pretend to be SethisDOOMED out of all the people you could have chosen from. Usually people like you just leave Anon. Account comments. Plus you posted it on Your Views page – were you reading your own previously posted comment beforehand?
Update: Just remembered I never got round to posting your comment on it- I was going to but decided not to for some strange reason.
Sorry folks for that, being ill and slightly irritated doesn’t go down well. I know I may scare a few folks in posting that but if you know you didn’t do it then it’s not you who I’m talking about basically. I may log into Stardoll later on if I feel like doing so but I doubt I’ll be posting until tomorrow.


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8 responses to “Feeling Unwell.

  1. Liz

    God she’s an idiot.

  2. @Liz

    On the laptop now ^-^
    Oh I forgot to say, I need to talk to you – very important. It’s about something else o.o

  3. Liz


    Inbox me now, I have 30 mins til school 😛

  4. Sara

    I hope you feel better soon Lel

  5. Renee:)

    That’s sad to hear that your not feeling well,but hey,everyone get’s sick.Feel better.
    And that girl you were talking about needs to get a life.

  6. Liz


    I know, if you have some a problem with somebody you should tell it to their face instead if hiding behind fake accounts.
    People like this irritate this because they think it’s just fine if you call somebody “stupid” and “ugly” behind a computer. It’s especially not acceptable when people say these things to my friends D:<

  7. @ Sara and Renee

    Thank you – already feeling better after a goodnight’s rest.
    Yeah. Funny that people just think they can log out of their WordPress account and that’s it – when I clearly see IP addresses, always shocking to see someone’s true colours.

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