It’s looking doubtful that I will be on the laptop tonight. I’ve been notified that there has been a few new updates which I’ll post about tomorrow.



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  1. Liz

    The title says so much about the post xD They have a valentines thing going, not really sure what it is but I’ll check it out 🙂

  2. Liz

    Who would’ve guessed – a valentines gift-o-meter. *sigh*

  3. You’ve got to kidding -.-
    Is it like the Black Friday meter where we only have one week?

  4. Liz

    I think we have only until valentines day -.- not totally sure as I’m on my iPod and it takes a century to load stardoll xD. I think it’s pretty sad that they can’t think of anything better for the “day of love”.

  5. Sara

    I agree with Liz, why couldn’t they just have 7 days of gifts or something? This “Gift-O-Meter ” things are really starting to annoy me.

  6. Liz


    I know. Why should we gave to basically pay for gifts? Valentines day is a day if love, but they seem to use it just to suck even more money out of us -.-
    Also shows how much creativity goes into planning these “special deals” – none.

  7. Sara

    Yeah it’s the day of love they should give us free gifts to show us how much they care about us

  8. hiya lel my stardoll name is natalydiaz if you go to the starplaza and search footwear and blue some blue boots will come up saying voile pattern boots but on the tag it says ANTIDOTE!!!!cool.oh and its for 5 stardollars for superstars. 🙂

  9. palmtree973

    wow, starplaza changed, its amazing now 😛

  10. fashionfriek

    @ Sara: They don’t care about us. That’s why they squeeze as much cash from us as possible. THAT’S what they care about.

  11. Liz

    Stardoll is the Shamwow and our money is the water. The shamwow sucks all of the water off the bench leaving it bone dry. A bit like how we feel after we spend money on Stardoll.

    I don’t think anyone has put “Stardoll” and “Shamwow” in the same sentence before xD

  12. fashionfriek

    No, but it makes sense!

  13. Sara

    Creative way to phrase it Liz.

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