Next Youtube Video.

I may as well create these posts instead of sticking small paragraphs in Stardoll update posts as I’m sure you don’t want to read about my personal endeavours and Stardoll projects while reading an article on something about new Sunny Bunny clothes or something of the sort.

I get asked to do a few Medoll Makeovers and Tinypic Makeovers every week/month. I don’t like going into someone else’s account – extremely uncomfortable and far too many high expectations. I am a perfectionist at heart when it comes to Stardoll make-up and I just spend countless times trying to get someone else’s make-up right because they’ve put so much trust in me that I don’t want to let them down. That’s the type of person I am.

So I know that people would prefer if I created their make-up in video form, I used to do this for Youtube but the videos weren’t so great and my make-up skills were terrible. I haven’t used someone else’s Medoll for a Youtube video for some time now, simply because I can just change my Medoll features myself and create a whole new Doll face and plus I am more comfortable in my own Beauty Parlor than anyone else’s.

So I am considering creating a second Youtube account for Stardoll make-up where I will just post Medoll Makeovers for others. It would be a lot easier for that other person to re-create the make-up and I won’t need to edit the video = bonus! Still thinking about it.

Also I was hoping to kick-start my next Youtube video, I was hoping for something do with Chinese New year but there isn’t much you can do with a Rabbit – I’m being honest here. The only Rabbit make-up I can think of is Jessica Rabbit. If I could think of a second rabbit look then I may consider creating a tutorial based on that idea. I know there is Rabbit ears in Sunny Bunny but I couldn’t really do much with that.

I was thinking about creating a Sweet Lolita/Gothic lolita make-up tutorial, I could incorporate the Bunny ears in there somewhere. Just a thought.

I have had so many ideas for Youtube videos but the majority of those thoughts are a lot of work to do. Such as a zodiac tutorial/birth-stone. I would have to do 12 looks, if I split that into 2 videos that would be 6 looks. I found the Disney tutorial demanding.

I forgot to mention in a previous post when discussing my school work- I have exams at the beginning of March so you might expect a lack in videos and posts through mid-February.

You know what I haven’t done in a while? A hacker prevention post or exploiting a Stardoll scam. Hm . . I am thinking of writing an article on how to keep your Stardoll account safe as I know a few people on Stardoll who have lost their account several times.

Reading these little posts is optional – well as are reading my other posts- although this is just where I ramble on about certain things or any updates on Blog and Youtube ideas.





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2 responses to “Next Youtube Video.

  1. Sabrina

    You said you wanted to do a chinese new years video. Well its the year of the rabbit. My sugestion is a little out there, but I thought of playboy bunny. You could do a tutorial that makes you look like a prostitute.

    A more appropriet idea might be somthing like vouge, they had a bunch of things with the cloth rabbit ears.

  2. @Sabrina

    Haha xD That would be a strange yet interesting to tutorial – I might save that for another day. Something to do with over-the-top candy pink tutorial, maybe along with a Drag Queen make-up look.
    Thanks for letting me know and with the ideas – I’ll look it up on Vogue’s website ^-^.

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